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Janet - February 23

I am a 16 year old pregnant teen and my mom does not want me to see the baby's dad can I just go with him without my mom telling the police?I would not like the baby's dad to be in trouble.


justagurl - February 23

Well first of all, how old is your baby's daddy, and what is the reason your mom does not want you to see him... answer that for me gurl and we will all be able to tell you more...


Kay - February 24

well janet , from your age you have givin 16 is the legal age to have s_x so therefore your boyfriend wont be able to get into trouble , only in any circ_mstance if he had raped you which you havent said that , so i persume your mum is just being protective. If your boyfriend is older then you by more then a few years , your mum may just be very scared because you are still in her eyes a baby to her. Get the dadys parents and yours to meet up and discuss this as an arrangment needs to meet.good luck ;)


becca - February 24

harsh yea how old is he mabey you could talk to your mum make her relise that if your going to have this baby you and the baby will need/want him around and say its not her right to strip your baby of a farther!!!


Janet - February 24

The baby's dad is also 16 and his a great guy. My mom got along with him just great but did not like the idea of me having his baby I don't know why.I really want him to be with me and so does he but my mom said that if I go with him that she would go to the police and they will get me is that posible? Please help me!!


Audrey - February 24

If the state you live in has 16 as the age of consent, there is nothing the police can do about it. Explain to your mother (without arguing) that you understand why she is angry and disappointed, but you need to have her support.


Janet - February 24

I live in IL do you know if it;s legal here? My mom think im going to drop out of high school but she is wrong I am not that stupid.I will finish high school even if I am pregnant.


liz - February 24

the age of consent in IL is 17.


Mom has some say - February 24

Applicants between the ages of 16 and 17 may obtain a marriage license by presenting the following information: * Sworn consent from each parent, each legal guardian or a judge - in person - before the county clerk at the time of application. Those giving consent must provide proper identification, including a: * valid driver's license; valid state identification card; valid Illinois Department of Public Aid card; valid pa__sport. (If the legal guardian is giving consent, a certified copy of the guardianship papers must be provided.)



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