Please STOP With The Fake Post

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RLWilcox - January 11

I cant say that I'm speaking for everyone on here but I think I am for a bunch. Stop with the fake post!! Don't come on here and tell us that you were raped by your uncles monkey (not real) and you think your having twins because you feel "weird" and ask us if your pregnant. WE DON'T KNOW!!!! If you really think you are then go to the doctors....if you don't have insurance there is other ways around that. What if someone came on here with a serious problem or question and no one took them serious because of you! I dont know if anyone has noticed but the teen forum is the only one that has these fake post. Yes some are real and you guys do need help...I'm not talking about you, Please don't think I am. But if your going to make adult choices (to have s_x) be prepared to have to deal with the adult consequensise. If you don't want a baby and your going to have s_x then USE protection!!! Its not that hard!! Sorry I just get so annoyed that people come on here with fake questions....What are you getting out of doing it??? How does it make your life ANY better by making up questions? Your waisting other people time when they answer your questions. And for the guys... before you come on here learn more about pregnancy and how it works. I'm sure that me posting this isn't going to stop the fake post but just know that your annoying people.


PreciousBaby19 - January 11

Honestly, Just get over it. You can't stop it. You're just creating another useless post. Anyway, you can just skip over them, and in the end try and treat them like they are real. Because in the end....You never know something could have happened to someone that soundedcrazy and odd but it might have happened. Just either post andtry ad help...or get over it and skip over.


Teddyfinch - January 12

i think rlwilcox needs to relax a little. posts like this will only make sure people won't read whatever they say because it'll probably be complaining. if they're faking, who cares? treat every post like it's serious. offer advice and if it's fake, GET OVER IT! hi pb!! ^^


AddysMummy - January 12

Who cares?


Teddyfinch - January 13

no one. and i think that's the point we're trying to get across lol.


PreciousBaby19 - January 13

Hi Teddy. How re you doing? Sorry I haven't been online.


Teddyfinch - January 14

ah i'm finally on my second round of clomid. i take my last dose tonight and then attempt to temp. i temped this morning (well not morning, we slept in) but it was 98.2! that's a little high and i'm only on cd8 right now so surely i didn't ovulate yesterday while still on clomid. anyway, i have my appointment with a possible new doctor tomorrow. i'll let you know how that goes. how've you been?



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