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Heather - November 22

im 18 and have just found out im pregnant! im am roughly 7 weeks. i have got a steady boyfriend who i have been with for 3 yrs. im scared that if i have this baby i will ruin his life as he is only 19! i want 2 have the baby but im only 18 n have got my whole life ahead of me. i dnt like the thought of an abortion but i dnt know wot 2do. if i did have an abortion wot procedure would i have 2 go through.


T - November 22

Heather - You need to talk to your boyfriend and find out what he thinks about you being pregnant. You need to talk things through first. Even all the small details before you come to any sort of decision. Abortion is a major decision hun and shouldn't be taken lightly. Talk to your boyfriend. You will know your options then and hear his point of view and perhaps come to an arrangement or an understanding and what to do. With your boyfriends help it will be a lot easier for you. Good luck!! :o)


rainie - November 22

I know how you feel, I was 17 when I found out and my boyfriend was 18, but I'm 18 now and I'm 30 wks. pregnant and single by choice (the father didn't want to do what it takes to be a parent). There are a lot of things you have to take into consideration... will your family help support you? (trust me, you will need their support) are you ready to handle 40 weeks of no alcohol, no drugs, no medicine (tylenol is virtually the only medicine you are allowed during pregnancy, no matter how sick or how much pain you are in) can you afford doctors visits, hospital bills, circ_mcision (if its a boy and you would choose that route)? does your state provide good medical insurance for young women in your situation, or does your parents insurance cover you and your child? and most importantly, which decision can you live with for the rest of your life, because either way you will think about this choice for the rest of your life? also, can you make it without the father of your child (you can make the decision to be a responsible parent, but you can't make anyone else do what it takes, especially a young boy) Now for the procedures, I'm pretty sure at your stage they still use an abortion pill, which causes your uterus to contract and empty out whatever is inside (an embryo that is about the size of a poppyseed). I don't know about your state but mine doesn't do abortions after 13 weeks, so you don't have much time to decide. Good luck to you and I hope you make the right decision for yourself. Pregnancy is HARD don't let anyone fool you, it hurts and is very uncomfortable... but there isn't a minute that goes by that I can't wait to hold my precious baby boy.


bambie - November 23

my cousin was 14 and 22weeks pregnate and she got her abortion i live in daytona FL if you waint that long you have to give birth to a dead baby and its a very tramatizing if your going to get one done dont want two long because befor the do it they do a sonagram and you see your baby and you might change your mind



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