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Elee - November 16

Im rele scared.. before i didnt rele want to have a child im only 14, but i recently..thinkin i was cuz i had lots of symptoms such as implantation bleed, and recently my stomach started gettin hard around my belly button, and ive also been eating like crazy.. i got attached to the idea that i was pregnant i knew it was goin to be hard.. and maybe scary but i felt i could handle it and i was a lil excited.. anyway today i had to run.. a lot.. and i was wondering if that could cause a miscaridge.. im only a few weeks along.. and wen i was finally done runnin i felt fine.. but just incase i wanna kno... and if i have had some sort of miscaridge how do i kno? will i bleed? plz answer i need advice


T - November 16

Sweetheart before you start believing your pregnant you need to have it confirmed. Then worry. :o) Once you;ve had the pregnancy confirmed you will have lots of stuff to worry about. Including what to eat, what medications you can take etc etc. But inanswer to your question, no running wont cause a miscarriage. Miscarriages usually happen anytime up to the 20week period. Any date after the 20th week is known as a stillbirth. When you have a miscarriage you usually bleed. If you experience any bleeding or pain then contact your doctor straight away or go to the hospital. But you really need to have the pregnancy confirmed so you can start all the pre-natal treatment you will need. Take care of yourself!! :o)


Katie - November 16

I don't know that you will have any bleeding..if you are only a few weeks along you should be fine, but try not to run anymore to be on the safest side.If i can help you with anything you can email me at [email protected] I am 17 and also expecting a baby boy soon!


T - November 16

You usually do experience bleeding when your having a miscarriage but not all bleeding is down to a miscarriage. Some spotting during early pregnancy is normal but if your worried you should call your doctor. If the bleeding is accompanied by pain then call your doctor right away or go to the hospital. Take Care!! :o)



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