Plz Answer I Need Help I Mite B 3 Mnths

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Robbi - August 28

hi im 14 and 3 months ago i had s_x with a condom bt it broke and he came in me. it waz wile i waz ovulating too. is there a high chance i cud be pregnant? my stomach has got slightly larger and harder n i feel like a ballon. around 3 weeks afere id had s_x i had my period bt it waz VERY light and it lasted for 3 days (usually lasts for 7) and i "crave" sum foods tht i used to h8 like loadz of butter on toast and cheap skanky chocolate! i have also bin being sick almost every morning for about 2 months bt i have not taken a pregnancy test yet. should i? also if i turn out 2 b pregnant my mum and dad wil kill me an want me 2 hav an abortion. are they allowd 2 force me 2 have 1 bcoz i dont agree with it. PLEEZ REPLY coz i need 2 no! luv Robbi x X x


Katie - August 23

Hi robbie, you really should take a test as it sounds like you are definately pregnant. I don't think they can force you to have an abortion. However I THINK that you should consider your parents feelings. I mean perhaps they wouldn't be fiancially stable (it costs thousands of dollars to raise a baby) and it the stress of raising a new born baby when they thought they were done with all that could put a strain on their marrige. Good luck


Kate - August 23

If your periods haven't been present then yes you are most certainly pregnant Robbi. God and get a test now so you can find out for sure. If you are, then for your sake and everyone else's, get an abortion, STOP having s_x, CONCENTRATE on school and make a life for yourself! Being a mother at 14 is NOT cool, it's VERY wrong! You've been a very very silly little girl, now do something right, show that you are mature and have an abortion and concentrate on things that 14 years old should concentrate on: school, clothes, music, tv, cinema, friends. NOT nappies, sleepless nights, poo, sick, crying, baby blues. Your life WILL BE OVER if you had a baby.


Katie 2 !!!!! - August 23

She aint a whore is someone who sleeps with people for money, geddit!


sam - August 23

Whatever you do,do NOT have an abortion-that is the wrong thing to do-yes you are only 14 and raising a child will be hard work(it is hard work at any age) but thats not the point-this is your child and killing it would be totally the wrong thing to do!!i hate abortions and do not agree with them one bit-this is your mistake and you should'nt make your baby suffer for it. Take a pregnancy test straight away-i live in the UK so i dont know how the whole abortion thing in the US works but as i already said do not get an abortion-think of it this way-if in fact you are 3 months pregnant then you have a baby inside you that is about the size of you largest finger already-its heart is in full working order and all the organs have started to develop-your baby is moving and living inside you..deep down you should know that killing the baby is not the right way to go. I think you should just tell your parents or if you have any other close family (such as sisters-cousins and so on) that you think you could be pregnant-just tell someone that you trust,at least if you tell your parents now they will be able to help you!!And no NO-ONE can push you into getting an abortion-it is your body and your baby so its your choice.


brucen - August 23

Her baby is going to suffer anyway. She 14 with no visible means of support. She can't get a job, drive or anything. Her parents are also going to suffer because ultimately they will (or the government) will be taking care of both her and the child.


Robbi - August 23

Thx so much 2 evry1 hu gave me HELPFUL advise! luv ya all! to !!!!! - ive bin calld a slag n a whore by people at skool since i wax 11 an i dont need u callin me tht 2! is hurts u no! and thx sam, i wil NOT have an abortion. ive lost all my friends anyway because they think im pregnant and thy dont wana b m8z with me nemore because of it but my boyfriend and i have jobs in a pub, we dont get much money but its enough 2 feed, cloth and make my baby have a gud life. im not someone who will scav money off the government or wateva theyre called and my boyfriend has told his mum tht i mite be and she is being really gud about it and she said tht she will help out wen needed! im going to the family planning clinic tomorrow and i wil be finding out if i am or not. i sorta hope i am and not at the same time! im from the UK aswel Sam. if ne1 nos how long it takes to get the results wen i get the test at the doctors plz tel me! lun Robbi x X x


jessica - August 23

please dont listen to anything negative people have to say. you came on here for advice not for people to judge you. yes you are very young to be pregnant but i hope that whenever you find out you are truely pregnant you will take full responsibilities of your actions. it will be hard but remember god won't put more on your shoulders than you can bare! God bless you!


Robbi - August 23

Thx Jessica! im glad u blive in me 2! luv ya Robbi x X x


Sam - August 24

When i found out i was pregnant i got it confirmed at a walk in centre when i was 5 n half weeks preg-but still had to have a test done at the dr's so my first midwife appointment could be made-i think it took about 3 - 4 days for the results to get back to the dr's.If u wanna chat anytime this is my email addy.. [email protected] Loadsa luv ~*Sam+Bump*~


Robbi - August 24

Hi! went to the family planning clinic, i am pregnant! i don't know wat 2 do about telling my mum and dad! they're very strict with me and my dad can be quite violent. i dont want him 2 hit me and harm the baby! wat shud i do? il keep u updated with how everything is going. my email addy is [email protected] thx 4 all the help Sam =) lots of luv from Robbi x X x


Alexis - August 24

No, they can not force you to have an abortion. It is considered child abuse.


Jess - August 27

Will you STOP talking prudly about being pregnant Robbi!!!!! You're a dirty 14 year old child who has got herself knocked up. That is nothing to be proud of! Hopefully your parents will sort you out and persuade you to get an abortion. You are disgusting! If you were my daughter I would kick you out into the streets. You are ONLY 14!!!!! You can't support a baby, you cannot get a job, you cannot rely on the baby's father for support! GIVE THE BABY UP FOR ADOPTION to a couple who can give the baby everything you can't. You sicken me!!


Shorty - August 27

Shut the hell up Jess, for F*&^ks sake!!! Who died and made you king?


Robbi - August 27

I'm not a slag! i made ONE mistake and im going to fix it! and i have a job, i dnt get much money frm it bt i can reley on the father and his family they are very supportive of me and are helping me wiv everything! and wat are you doing on this site if all you are going to do is put people down!? i no i made a mistake, u dont have 2 tell me bt i can make it alright and i will take care of my baby and everything will be fine! fair play shorty =) luv Robbi x X x


13_Rokky_Road - August 27

NO i wouldn't have an abortion if u "love" this child or could love this child. I personally would not work in the pub coz of all the 2nd hand smoke and that but it is ur choice. If your mother will understand to some extent then i would just tell her 4 now and go away from ur father if he has abused u b4 with simialar situations. No u r NOT a slag u made 1 MISTAKE and evry1 makes mistakes so keep ur head up high and @least u can rely on som1. If your mothers side or dads side will help u out i would talk to them first seeing as they have had more time around ther child. If ur bf's parents are good to an extent i would live with them 4 now if ur dad WILL hit u and has been known 2 do such things! xoxoxox


thx - August 28

thank u 2 every1 hu has helped me! also my bfs mum has sed i shud stop working in there 2 but as have no money i rele need 2! thx 4 all the advice! luv ya all! luv Robbi x X x



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