PLZ HELP 3 Weeks Late All The Typical Signs Negative Hpt

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Sarah - August 31

I am about 3 weeks late now. I have never in my life been late! Even if I am stressed out, I always arrive on time and I had s_x during my most fertile time. My br___ts are a cup size bigger, are sore to the touch and the veins are more prominent. I have been very tired since about 3 weeks ago, when my period should have come and the fatigue lasts all day long. I am peeing more frequently and have had an increase in va___al discharge. Especially in the last few days. It feels like my period.. but is not. It doesn't smell, itch or burn either, so that is good. Also I have read that the softening of your cervix is a sign of pregnancy so I checked and - it is soft, just how they described it. I have taken 4 or 5 home pregnancy tests, all of which have been negative - except this one. It was a very faint positive but I did not count it because I peed on it twice (within a two day period). What could be going on?? I have posted my message in several of the forums so I hope to get some useful answers!


Amber - August 29

Try and take another test. Take it FIRST thing in the morning. Thats when you have the highest level og HGC, as you have been storing it in your baldder all night. AND USE A FRESH ONE!!!


Shorty - August 29

It sounds like you ay possibly be pregnant. Get another test and like Amber said... fist morning urine works best. If it is a positive, go to the doctors and get them to confirm it for you.


Trinity - August 29

I would like the other girls said buy a NEW test or go to a clinic and get one done, you can go to a pregnancy center and get one for free. After 10 mins you cant read the results cause most of the test will turn into a false.. So peeing on a test thats already used wont work.. Sorry, If ya wanna talk please feel free to email at [email protected] Or visit my site


Sarah - August 29

I just took a look at a test I took a few days ago and it is a faint positive now! I know you are supposed to disregared any changes after a certain time but could this mean I am pregnant?


Sarah - August 31

I am having this mucus like v____al discharge but it is kind of brown in colour!? What does this mean!?!?!?!


Sarah - August 31

I went to my doctor's this afternoon and I have just got my period so he said I was not pregnant! Thanks for the help!



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