Plz Help How Do I Get Him Back

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Nessa - February 18

My boyfriend and I were together for about 10 months and we broke up because i had a miscarriage, he said that "it wasn't meant to be if we lost the baby." So we broke up and we messed around and I'm pregnant again. He is with someone else now but he says he still loves me and he still thinks about me. But that he loves her too. How do i get him back? I know he loves me, but i know the only reason he is with her is to get over me and our situation. How do i get him to realize that I love him and he loves me too? How do i get him back?


Grandpa Viv - February 18

Nessa, I'm sorry you are in such a tough situation. It will help if you can quietly get him to focus not on you but on the baby (it's half his, a joint project, joint responsibility). Persuade him to come as support to your doctor visits, listen to the heartbeat, feel it kick, ma__sage your tummy and go to LaMaze cla__ses and delivery. Don't fight over the other girl. She isn't going to last - you are all too young. Maybe when he is done with her it will be natural for him to come back to the mother of his child. Good luck!


kat - February 18

my advice is dont even bother calling him and if you talk to him keep it short...maybe he will realize what he is missing out on and he'll come running back to you...but if i were u then i wouldnt even try to get him back, i mean how long did it take for him to find another gf....thats just my opinion so dont take it the wrong way....u seem very much in love with this guy and i totally understand, try to be patient, but do talk to him about the child, and ask him if he is gonna be there for the baby, how he is going to support it......tell him that you really need him at this point in time...and if that doesnt work....then try doing what i suggested the first time...i mean trying wont hurt, but i wish u the best of luck and i hope all turns out well...



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