Plz Plz Plz Any One Answer Myquestion 14yrs Jj

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jenny - October 5

hi my ? is ifi can get pregnant 7 days after my period... im not sure if he came in me and we idnt ue protection so i dont know if he pre came in me.... do u think im pregant and also if i am pregnant would my clear discharge continue in my ovulation cuz i hd se 1 day before my ovulation tim..... please answer me


Shorty - October 5

1 You should not EVER be having unprotected s_x. 2 You are too young to be having s_x.. At 14!!!! Woman ou have your whole life ahead of you... dont rush it.3 You can get pregnant 7 days after your period... i have heard that it is a small chance, but a greater risk with unprotected s_x... but considering you had s_x a day before you ovulated.. and sperm can live in you for a couple of days.. then there is quite a big chance. Get a test and learn from this expereince.


E - October 5

Jenny, What do you think the logical answer is???? I think you know darn well that you could be pregnant from having s_x 1 day prior to ovulating. I say this b/c most girls your age do not know what day they ovulate yet you do. You must know the rest... ----- Have you heard of HIV? It is a fatal & incurable disease. You should be using condom protection if you plan to have s_x. Start acting responsibly. You have a life, YOURS, which is precious and deserves all of your attention and love.


GuitarJade - October 5

Actually, if you want to be politically correct, HIV can't kill you. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS and it's the sickness's (ie: pneumonia) that you contract and can't fight off because of AIDS that kill you. Just an FYI


E - October 5

Thanks for the clarification, for Jenny's sake. I knew that but was not clear in my response.


Viv - October 6

Jenny, your clear discharge would be there during ovulation whether you were getting pregnant or not. It's like the welcome mat for the sperm. There's a 1 in 4 chance of getting pregnant any month that you try. If you get pregnant, some symptoms will be noticeable a week before your expected period, but testing should wait until a week after the missed period. If you are not pregnant, think for a while what a pregnancy would do to your life, and what a poor start in life a baby would have compared to you waiting 10 years. If you must have s_x, use double protection and stay away from cycle Days 8-16


was a pregnant teen - October 19

yes you can get pregnant if you didn't use a condom, also the clear discharge is normal in early pregnacy. By now you have already found out if you are so if you are please tell your Mom or a trusted adult friend and get help from someone. No matter what my best advice is to stay in school and become educated. Don't give up I did and my whole family has suffered the effects of my uneducated ways. I promise if you stay in school you will have a better chance at a normal life. I have finished college recently and life is beginning to get better but my baby is 16 years old now. So good luck and God be with You.


bkat - October 20

generally...ovulation occurs 14 days prior to your period arriving..but ovulation can occur at any time of the month and it can also depend on how many days are in your cycle. if you are talking about 7 days after your period would depend on how long you period is as well. 7 days after the first day it started would be less likely. but there always is a chance with unprotected s_x..use this as a learing expirience if you do not want to become pregnant. good luck


bkat - October 20

correction..i read this wrong.. how do you know that you ovulate 7 days after your period? dont depend on knowing when you ovulate because that is not a very good method while still in puberty..because hormones can throw your cycle off. sperm can live in your body for a few days so even if ovulation was later than that it can be possible. if you are concerned take a pregnancy test or go to the doctor



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