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rae - May 10

ok, 6 days late, sore br___ts but not bigger, fluttery feelings in lower abdomen, really tired, nauteous and i little dizzy the last few days, not thorwing up though. did have a kind of sharp pain in my side. I had s_x a lil over a month ago, pull out ( yeah, i kno), it was my first time too. So am i just psyching myself out, or could i really be pregnant? im so confused.


n/a - May 10

if u had s_x over a month ago i feel like ud have way more symptons but its still a big possiblity. get a home preg. test right now. dont weight, if u cant afford it there are free clinics just look online for one. seriously, if u wait to long ur options if u are preg. may not b options anymore. i wont do any of the 'safe s_x' talk cuz wats done is done and that wont help now if u really are preg. and u seem smart so u already kno wat im going to say. so i wont say it. but really get a test.


Grandpa Viv - May 10

Rae, you had s_x pretty much before your period ended. That's not high risk. The fertile window is Days 8-16. Fatigue, nausea and dizzy are indeed signs but they could be something else. How about frequent urination and unusual discharge? Never let a p___s near your v____a unless it is properly dressed. Good luck!


rae - May 10

Grandpa Viv, ok, it would have been day like 19 if i figured it out right, and yes, frequent urination, and today, well im gonna call it spotting cuz its not a period. Wat do u think?


Grandpa Viv - May 11

Hmm! Day 19 doesn't help unless one knows how long your cycle is. I figure ovulation as 14 days back from your next period, which for you I think would be April 20th based on a period expected May 4th. That isn't "over a month ago". S_x anywhere between Apr 15th and 21st would have been high risk. You have enough signs and enough time has lapsed that you could take a test anytime. First Response Early Result, first pee in the morning, dip method. [email protected] Good Luck!



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