PLZ SUM1 GIV3 M3H SUM ADV C3 ASAP No Negativity Plz

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Arrianna - August 12

Hi,im a 13 year old and I am pregnant.. the only issue is that im pregnant By a 18 year old.. i dont kno how 2 go aBout telling my mom and I really dont want to cause her any more stress than what she is in now..But I dont know what to do Because i alwaysz wanted a kid just not this early in life Because i realize im not financially staBle...But then again I dont Believe in aBortions..not only are you killing a harmless thing that you made But aBortions can also mess your Body up..I told my Boyfriend[[the 18 yr old]]and he's kinda confused 2 cause he played on going 2 college this fall...he also thinks that im 15 so he doesnt know my real age..I dont kno how he's going to react 2 that just a mess right now so can sum1 plz give me advice[[preferaBly another teenage mom]]THANKS!!


Grandpa Viv - August 12

It's always distressing to hear from one pregnant so young. There are not very many babies born to 14 year-olds in the USA. Your bf could be in a heap of trouble on account of the age difference, whether he knew or not. At your age it is good advice to get a mature adult involved ASAP, and your mom quallifies even if she has problems of her own - or you could try a grandparent. An early abortion has less chance of messing your body up than does childbirth. If you decide to go through with this, you will be missing out on a dozen formative years of your life. Good luck with your decision.


amanda17 - August 12

No negativity?... Hmm... *thinks*..... *thinks harder*.....*20 minutes later*.....*explodes*


Krissy25 - August 12

I'm sorry i'm not a teenage mom but i still feel the need to respond. You need to tell your mom what is going on, she is going to find out sooner or later and because of your young age you need to be seen by a doctor right away. Maybe there is another adult or someone you can tell first and they can help you tell your mom. There are going to be a lot of hard decisions to make and the sooner everyone has come to terms with the situation the sooner things can be worked out. Good luck to you.


lunamoo - August 13

ADOPTION! ADOPTION! ADOPTION! ADOPTION!!!!! Tell your mom ASAP. Have her tell the sperm donors parents. Basically have the parents deal with this. Since you are against abortion, you have to really promote the adoption of this child.


hope-31 - August 13

so can getting pregnant at 13 as well as giving birth at such a young age! good lord i was still playing with dolls and not even thinking about s_x. wow!!!!!!!!!!!good luck with that one.


AddysMummy - August 13



V9653 - August 14

Hope-most 13 year olds aren't thinking about s_x, but what 18 year old boy isn't thinking about s_x? And if he's thinking about easy pa__sover s_x then he's going to go for someone very impressionable like a 13-15 year old. And even if he though you were 15, it's illegal. Now Arrianna-you have to tell an adult, talk to a teacher, counselor anyone you can trust, and the thing is, you are eventually going to have to tell your mother. When i was your age and worried about not stressing my parents out, I didnt' do things that would cause me or them problems, like having s_x or doing drugs. Don't get me wrong, I dabbled, but one day I had to talk to my dad on the phone high and it hit my a__s sooo hard. So the deed is done so that worrying about your mom thing goes out the window! Here's a reality check-YOU ARE THIRTEEN, you are not in a position to carry this load on your shoulders without some older perspective. Also, most likely this whole thing is going to be a mess-it's something that could have been avoided, but it wasn't so you're going to have to just deal with it! Your boyfriend could go to jail for one! Even if he doesn't, there is a good chance with him being 18 and ready to move on with his life, he may not be much help, and also he isn't going to be happy when he finds out that you're 13, and you might as well get it over with and tell him sometime when you guys are alone. He could b__w up and completely break your heart and you do not want it to be a moment where you are in a public place or in front of family and they slip the information to him. The thing is, yes it's bad enough with an 18 year old having s_x with a 15 year old, but it happens and isn't that foreign, it's just illegal. The problem is i can't think of one 18 year old guy who would be okay finding out that the girl he is sleeping with is 13-unless he is in the early stages of having pedophile fantasies. So you might as well get all the bad stuff out of the way, there's no avoiding it-something you are going to have to learn with adulthood. You are going to have to be mature since you are involving yourself in adult situations and just do it, then when you see how the bf acts, get to a doctor, and get adult help, then a decision will be somewhat easier to make.


hope-31 - August 14

sadly the reality is that a lot more children and i mean children are thinking about it and doing it. i dont want to hear that they think they are responsible enough to have a baby they arent even old enough to get a job,vote etc.. let alone be educated enough to teach their child when they arent even finished with their education. its just sad that someone this age whos bodies are still rapidly changing are making these grown up decisions.i hate when people say what teenage boy isnt thinking about it but regardless of their natural urges that doesnt make it ok. i am all for more s_x ed in scholl at an early age and make contraception available. im not saying they should just be able to go on bcp or grab a handful of condoms but people need to realize that sadly they will keep having s_x but maybe through more education there will be less teen pregnancy,and stds/aids.


amanda17 - August 15

I just... it's wrong. That's all I have to say. It's just wrong. Especially with an 18 year old, and lying about her age. The whole situation....bad. The end. I'm shutting up.


natasha123 - November 2

all i can say is tell some one im 17 and fell pregnant when i was 16 now my bf and i live together and i dont belive in abortions neither does my mum put tell some one and they can help you with every thing to telling the farther and telling your pearants when i told my mum i burst into tears but every thing will be ok trust me good luck


V9653 - November 2

This post is REALLY OLD hun


maddiesmommy3509 - November 3

I am 23 week pregnant with my first baby and i turned 16 in june. the father of my baby is 18 to. I didnt know how to tell my mom and so i tryed to hid it till she started to put it all together with my morning sickness and i didnt have my period. so she just went and got a test and made me take it. So i didnt tell her she just knew


V9653 - November 3

if your replying to the previous girl then cool, ignore me, but if your replying to the poster, please check the dates and you'll notice that this is an old dead post, and someone else didn't realize it I guess. If you're new, itd be great if you started a post and introduced yourself!


Layna - November 5

Tell the truth........


amanda17 - November 5

Haha I guess everyone is ignoring you V :P


desiree913 - November 5

Umh. Im kinda new to this site but im gonna tell you exactly what my bestfriend told me. You'll feel so much better once you tell your mom. I didn't believe it, but once I finally told me my mom I now have someone who i can talk to that knows everything I need to and I have her support. And you really do need to go to the doctors asap because its riskyy not going.



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