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ladygnr - March 26

Is it possible to suffer from pms like symptoms during your period? Ive noticed since my period started I have had decreased desire (lack of love almost) to be with my bf, it seems like I am irritated with him for no reason. I cant think of anything he's done to upset me that would make me feel this way so suddenly. My grandma keeps telling me that its a hormonal imbalance. I am supposed to take my prozac for depression, but I have not taken it regulary, could this be a cause? Also, my doctor has prescribed birth control to help regulate my periods and help cramping, I havent started it yet, but I was wondering if this would help stabalize my emotions? I know I love him, I just cant feel it for some strange reason. Any suggestions or advice would be a great help right now.


triwave - March 28

Well, since im a guy, and fairly new to these forums, I dont know much about how you feel before and or during your cycle, but i can say that I was on prosac as well, for anxiety. When i first took the medicine, I felt "out-of-body" feelings, and the medicine doesnt kick in for about 10-12 days, then you should be fine. Prosac majorly alters your chemicals in your body, thus taking the medicine irregularly, will cause you to have mood swings (as for me i took it for 6months, was fine, then stopped taking it alltogether ) I also have a slight anger issue, and partial "bi-polar"ness if you will from my mother, you just learn to deal with these depressing thoughts. So, im guessing these pms like symptoms have to do with the radical chemical changes in your body due to the prosac, try taking it steadily, or not at all (i would say use it, if it was indeed presscribe, because its not an OTC drug) and see what happens.


Ca__sie06 - March 28

It could be just from the meds, but I think most girls suffer from pms like symptoms! I am a huge b!tch the whole week I am on my period. Being pg hasnt helped much! I have been weepy and b!tchy for 21 weeks now and I think we have at least 19 more weeks till this baby comes out and maybe I will feel like myself again!!



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