Police Say Man Told Toddler Stab Mommy

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abriamiacadia - March 6

Police Say Man Told Toddler: Stab Mommy From Associated Press March 06, 2007 8:37 AM EST BRIDGEPORT, Conn. - Police say a man repeatedly stabbed his teenage wife, then gave the knife to his toddler son and told him: "Now you stab Mommy." Fermin Rodriguez, 21, attacked his 17-year-old wife Sunday night, after accusing her of cheating on him, police said. He slashed and stabbed her multiple times, then handed the knife to his 2-year-old son and told him to stab her, police said. Police would not say whether the boy did as his father said. Rodriguez was charged with first-degree assault, first-degree reckless endangerment, first-degree unlawful restraint and threatening. He was being held on $350,000 bond. His wife, Keyschla Rodriguez, was taken to a hospital for treatment of stab wounds to her chest, face, arms and legs. Her condition was unavailable Tuesday morning.


babyonboard16 - March 6

EWW that guy needs to be castrated


xoxticiaxox - March 7

Thats terrible, and scary!!!! Oh my!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 7

With people like them (the husband and those who have been in similar situations) you don't know what to do with them. If they kill them its only a few seconds-minutes of pain when she has to endure so much pain and they have no conscience of what they did because they are dead, but then you don't want him in the hospital or jail because people like us have to pay to feed him and keep him in there. What is there to do, to teach this guy and everyone like him their own lesson? Either way it don't seem like enough. Its just so sad that she was only 17 and had to go through such a hard time raising this child and then her husband abusing her and even teaching his son that it is ok to do something like this.


abriamiacadia - March 7

I know, Its even more worse that the son had to see that, Frankly the news scares me because men are always killing their wives, like the man who chopped up his wife and they found her torso near their house. Gaw. They finally caught the man in these woods wearing jeans, a shirt and sock and it was coooold, He didnt even try to run lol.


freeflyingangel - March 7

Thats really scary!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 7

Yeah, but its even sad to because men aren't the only ones who do this...Women shoot there husbands, or stab them and then claim self defense and it turns out the wife had just found out the husband was cheating and killed her husband but they do whatever to get out of it. I just can't believe half of what happens. This little boy is going to need a lot of therapy just to get this out of his head.


abriamiacadia - March 7

LOL yeah women do the same thing but thats cause men p__s them off while they are pmsing lol. i swear if you wanta see two mean a__s women while they are pmsing, my house is the place to be, me and my mom are both red heads and we're MEAN lol daddy used to take my bro camping when mom and dad were together when it was that time of the month for us... lol men just need to stay out of our way then :-D


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 7

lol yeah, but don't give women a right, I can understand being mean, pushy ad bossy...and that men should watch out lol jk but no really it seems like all of these things just happen so often now. Its scary to think that we have to raise a baby in this envionment


abriamiacadia - March 7

I know, but its not always just men and women killing each other, I used to live at these nice apartments and this guy stabbed one of my friends. Thank GOD he lived. Then my ex bf stabbed a 96 year old in Mississippi even though he lived in Tn. He's probably in for life.. And to think I want to move back into the apartments my friend got stabbed in...i forgot about that.. but yeah They are the only places that arent filled w/ drugs and i will NOT raise my child near drugs lol


Amanda18 - March 7

wtf! They should set a 2 year old on his a__s with a knife! That would be a fitting death, long and painful! It would take a 2 year old a loonnnggg time to kill someone with a knife.


abriamiacadia - March 7

LMAO it would wouldnt it?


ConnorsMommy - March 7

how did he not get charged with attempted murder?!... and only $350k for bail?!...not that anybody would actually pay that kind of money to get that jerk out.. and if they do, they're just as messed up as he is... i feel really bad for the 2 y.o... that child might be traumatized for the rest of his life all because of his own father... that "man" deserves the death penalty.



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