Politely Giving My Opinion

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GiannaJ - November 19

Hi ladies - I have read through some of the recent threads and while I believe everyone has a right to vent anything they want, my only concern is that someone coming to this site to get advice and ask questions may get turned off - either out of fear, or not being taken seriously, etc. Especially on a forum such as Teen Pregnancy. One might wonder why they should ask the advice of people who cannot themselves behave more maturely. This certainly does not apply to everyone, but I only worry that it may cause newcomers to turn to another forum, or none at all, when in fact, there are many, many of us who have a lot of great information and stories to offer. This post is not meant to offend anyone in any way, or incite any kind of negative response, but is more out of concern for how it makes the site, and this particular topic arena, itself appear. What do you all think?


EMMA2 - November 19

I think your post is USELESS! Why? because it's all been said and done. You are not the 1st and you are not the las who will "politely give her opinion" and get nowhere. Take it from me , been here for almost 2 years.


GiannaJ - November 19

Well, that's unfortunate.


jennifer_33106 - November 19

Gianna I respectly would like to say, that we have heard this 100x. We have been joking around. End of story. It is true that when somewhen comes here though and asks a question, there is no need to jump down their throats with hateful comments. If you have been here a while and come on here screaming about maturity then that is another story. haha


hope-31 - November 19

we are just trying to have some immature fun.in a world where you have to be mature most of the time.maybe this is not the place to do it but life is too short to be sreious all the time.


GiannaJ - November 19

Well I can certainly appreciate that life is too serious and it is important to have a little fun sometimes. I also know this pregnancy stuff is stressful on all of us and joking with friends can help lessen the toll. It is obvious when ladies are joking with one another (like the Girls Gone Wild thread), and different when people get mean. I was certainly not referring to your fun thread and more to some other posts in the recent past. I know the people who are rude have heard it 100 times or more, but it just makes me a little sad to think that it may give someone the wrong impression about what this site is all about. More in reference to responses when people ask questions, and not when the thread itself is obviously for fun.


jennifer_33106 - November 19

Gianna I do agree with you on that fact. It is really sad when a girl comes here and says I think I am pregnant! I had unprotected s_x! and the next thing you know people are calling her a whore. Which makes no sense to me, because everyone here on this entire site has given it up at least once. Otherwise we wouldnt be here regarding pregnancy.


wannalil1plz - November 19

I think I can say that this is probably one of the first nonhypocritical threads, it is very obvious you understand the difference between poking and degrading someone. and I couldn't agree with you more. Girls ask serious questions and deserve serious answers, not to be called whores or s___ts or put down!! * You sure you don't wanna GO WILD ;)


grow_up - November 19

We sit on here enough to have plenty of good info to share and my my do we have some stories. We've created our own thread to vent, joke, and have fun. Many of us are pregnant or have kids and don't get to go out anymore. We've created our own ladies night, so to speak.



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