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amanda17 - October 5

Do not publicly post any pregnancy belly pictures! Make sure they are all private! I made the mistake of publicly posting them and they ended up on a teen pregnancy p___n site. I wasn't naked in it or anything, fully clothed actually, but some sickos apparently get off at that kind of c__p. A lurk friend of mine found the site and told me about it. They go around to sites (photobucket, myspace, facebook, tinypic, flickr, and a h__l of a lot of others, ANYWHERE you can post pictures to the public they are there looking through them!) and steal pictures! These people are SICK and they will take your photos and post them up. Photobucket is not a safe site anyone can look at any of your pictures, there is no privacy setting. I didn't know that and I put up all my pregnancy photos on it. Be careful, the internet is a ruthless place! Thank god the website that stole my pictures was already being taken down and my pictures were only up for a day or two. I do not doubt there are several more like it though!


angelmonkey - October 5

ugh i cant beleive people go looking for things like that!! thank god all my pics are on my my myspace or facebook and are set to private pheww


lunamoo - October 5

I was wondering when some of you would realize this!! So many of you teens post your email address then add your, my space, etc!!! Including fotos of your children...which as you can imagine can so easily end up in the wrong do not expose yourselves any more than you need to.


newbaby2009 - October 5

It doesnt matter if you post your myspace address if your page is set to private. And even if you have a public page most people still set their photos to private. Nothing can come from someone getting your email address except annoying or hara__sing mail. Most of which can easily be blocked. Photobucket, yes, is a big no. Which is only needed if you want to post pics on your actual layout page. So us "teens" have realized it and take steps to prevent it.


Skyeblue - October 5

Hmmm newbaby, I have seen a lot of girls here post fotos of their babies on myspace that is open for anyone who reads this thread to cut and paste...Anyway the word is out so that is good!


newbaby2009 - October 5

Um i didnt say there wasnt any girls on here with public pictures. I was speaking in general.


amanda17 - October 5

I have had all my pictures set to private too, I had no idea photobucket wasn't a safe site. When I signed up I signed up for a 'private' account, meaning you have to sign in to view the entire thing. BUT there's a hacker thing called fasking or something like that, where you can search through anyone's photos! I have a bunch of hacker friends so they were explaining to me how these people got my pictures. It's really sick.


angelmonkey - October 5

jeesh how can bickering come about this thread............lunamoo i see your point if some has not got there my space set to private then yes people can get the pics but i think newbaby was just saying that if your myspace is set to private then it doesnt matter................this post is to warn people that dont know about it so lunamoo obviously you would have seen people who post pics ect........some people dont realise some of us do


Teddyfinch - October 5

aww angel. aren't you just the pot calling the kettle black?


AddysMummy - October 5

Man, good thing my everything is private. Private myspace, private photobucket. (Even made it to where my pics don't show up in the search.)


Teddyfinch - October 6

oh hayley: go crawl back under the sweaty guy you emerged from =)


amanda17 - October 6

Dude, Seriously? .....Seriously?


AddysMummy - October 6

Wow Haylee, that was disgusting. You need some help.


newbaby2009 - October 6

Well i WAS eating lunch. Do you two know each other? All i saw was a very very true statement which i myself was going to say "look whos talking." Though there wasnt even any "bickering" to begin with.


angelmonkey - October 6

teddy i didnt realize that if i caused arguments in every thread it means i do it in all of them wow! i learn something new every day!


newbaby2009 - October 6



amanda17 - October 6

.....................SO YEAHHHH. Pictures. Don't post them.



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