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Kelly 15 and worried. - August 11

Im really unsure if i am pregnant. My period is suppose to come in about a weeks time and im worried it might not. Last month(july), my period didnt come and what actually happen was, i asume, "Implantation Bleeding." Over the past few weeks, I've been eating more than i ever had. Once in awhile, just below my ribcage, it would very bruised around my waist just on the right side (the left side doesnt hurt as much.) My br___t feels sore very often and i've noticed on my right nipple there's like a "hole".(IS IT SUPPOSE TO BE LIKE THAT ?) I do sleep more than usual now a days.. I have cramps just like the menses and at times my leg cramps up when i try to sleep. When i do sleep, i feel very hot ! i sometimes even sweat. Are these signs that i maybe pregnant? I have taken a HPT but came back negative. Please Help. oh yeh, i dont urinate that much (so ive noticed) and i had intercourse on the 8th of July(wasnt protected for awhile) anyone at all able to tell me as much info and advice as possible would a GREAT help to me. Thanks


A - August 11

Well If there is a hole in the center of your nipple huh yeah that is suppost to be there other than that I'm not sure what your talking about.... What time last month was your period due? If you start to feel sick to your stomach like you just have to hurl then that is a sign....The other things you have been expieriencing are sometimes pregnancy symptoms.... Other than that I would wait to see more symptoms like sickness, and then take a test.....And also this scare should teach you what to do for "next" time.....


Grandpa Viv - August 11

Kelly, the hCG hormone doubles every few days in the first trimester. If you haven't taken a home test in the last week, you should take another. You seem to think you might be 5 weeks gestational (7 weeks preg.) The bruise under the rib cage is not a usual post. I think you should get to see a doctor pretty soon to find out what that is all about. AIM ppowb and good luck!


Kelly - August 12

A, there wont be a "next" time!lol.Last mth period was due on the 12th-16th. Normally arrives around one of those dates. Im starting to feel sick now, Its a i wanna hurl but cant feeling. the nipple thing u mean its there like all the time ?? Okay, I woke up in the middle of the night needing to pee but i found that i was bleeding(like menses). The cramps have been hurting all day long and ive got this piercing pain on my right side.For some reason now, the bleeding seems to have stopped or just lightened(it was really heavy) Is it possible to have menses during pregnancy?? the pain really hurts but why bleed for just a day ?? helpp.



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