Possible Pregnancy Need Confirmation On Symptoms

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Sheaty - August 14

Alright, well, my girlfriend and I have been s_xually active since June of this year. The last time we had s_x was around the 24th of July. Her period is usually on schedule around the 20ths of the month, but in July, she had her period on the 12th. Anyways, she told me yesterday that she's noticed that her br___ts have enlarged but they're not tender or sensitive, just bigger then normal. She feels cramps a lot, but she always says she feels them right before her period. She's been having frequent headaches and having to go the bathroom much more then usual. Also, she said for the past week, she's been feeling really nauseous in the morning and only once she actually threw up. Her nipple color hasn't changed, she doesn't have lower back pain, spotting, any bowel changes, or strange cravings. She just says she's been eating more than usual lately and she's gained 4 pounds. She also stated she's been really "bi-polar" lately but she says that's also another symptom of a period coming close.


Grandpa Viv - August 14

Hmm! Have you been having unprotected s_x? Her scheduled ovulation day in July was the 6th, so s_x Independence Day weekend could have got her pregnant, with implantation spotting not a surprise on July 12th. Was that period real light? After that she would not have had her normal period on the 20th, and her signs right now suggest pregnancy is definitely possible. An alternative is that first s_x has thrown her hormones out of sync. It's time to buy her a home pregnancy test - use it on first morning pee this weekend. You may have an April Fool's Day baby on the way. Good luck!


Sheaty - August 15

Thanks for the reply. What I meant by the 12th of July was that her period was around 10 days earlier BEFORE we had s_x. She had her period the 12 of July and we had s_x the 28thish? Today is the 15th and she has yet to get her period, but usually, her period is around the 20ths of the month, so that still gives us time for her period to get back on track. I have bought a test and I plan on giving it to her tomorrow. Yeah, i just wanted to say she had an irregular period before she had s_x.


Grandpa Viv - August 16

My understanding was that you have been having s_x fairly requently since some time in June. I was thinking that the bleed July 12 was not a period, but implantation spotting. Ask her if it was a full-length normal period, or real light. If that were the case, it would be from s_x around Independence Day, and by the 20th of August she would be 8 weeks. Let us know how the test turns out.



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