Possible Pregnancy What To Do About School

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tynahh - February 28

I asked this in the back to work section, but I feel this section might be more age appropriate (I'm 20). I address this question to the people who've been there. As posted before: This is so silly. My fiancee keeps assuring me that there really is no way, but I get so paranoid and there is ALWAYS a chance. The situation is about a month and a half ago I missed 1 pill (yaz) and consequently we had s_x about two days afterwards (with a condom because we don't go a day without using one!) Now, we're almost certain that it did not break, but it was a weird one that student health passed out here at school and I thought I felt something liquidy (probably was me, right? Sorry for the visual info) Anywho my question is two parts: Could I be pregnant? Obviously a pregnancy test would tell the truth, but I haven't felt any symptoms until recently. I've had tender br___ts and I feel much more bloated. I did have a period a few weeks ago but it was mostly brown and a little bit red. It lasted about two days longer than my normal week-long period. I also notice a bit of weight gain, but I feel I could attribute that to my eating habits while studying for my stressful classes. If I was to become pregnant, we would obviously embrace the baby with as much love as we could possibly give... but I'm finishing up my junior year of college. If I am pregnant, how do some people cope with college and pregnancy? I am an aspiring physical therapist (that would equal 4 more years of school), must I give up that dream to take care of my baby? I guess that worries me the most. I would obviously choose the baby over work if I must... ?


Naomi98 - February 28

If the 'incident' happened a month and a half ago, you should get an accurate result with a home pregnancy test - though it sounds very unlikely that you're pregnant. In relation to your schooling, I haven't been through it but my best friend has. She dropped out after she gave birth and didn't go back for quite a few years - she did go back eventually but to do something different. Anyway, my advice based on her experience would be to defer your course for a year so you have time to be with your baby. Pregnancy and college wasn't the problem for her, it was coping with her first baby that overwhelmed her. But seriously, just test, don't torture yourself.


tynahh - February 28

Edit: took the test today, apparently no baby. But thank you for the future reference if we have another possible mishap.


Liz123 - March 3

Hi Tynahh, I am a mother of 3, I had triplets, december 16th 2007. I am 18 years old and still studying the only advice i can give you is. Go to your mentor or a teacher and figure out a good scheduale, thats how i managed to be pregnant and still go to school. Its tuff, but if i can do it. You most certainly can. It takes organization, and lots of help! Good luck and if you ever wanna talk or need help let me know. Good luck. Liz. (Oh and btw I never regret my choice, i still go to school and i can be a mom to them)



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