Possible Pregnant

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TexasAngel - March 13

I know you can only get pregnant by having s_x, but i have heard in some cases of gils "dry humping" and the guy ejaculates on her va___al area, last week my boyfriend and i where "dry humping" and i was just in my underwear and so was he, he came all over my va___al area and now i am worried i may be pregnant, i get really dizzy,im always drinking water ,this morning i woke up at 3 am with really bad cramps and ended up throwing up for an hour. Im not late, and i do take birth contorl (but i always forget) and sometimes i think id like to have a baby but other times...i dont bcuz i know it isnt right in my boyfriend's and my life, im 18 and hes 25, we really wanna take our time and do things right. What do ya'll think i should do? I'm not late, does it sound like a possible pregnancy? Feel free to IM me Down2therivertx (aim) or texas_angel0506 (yahoo) thanks soo much


jg - March 14

Wait and see if you miss your period, if so do a pregnancy test.


frankschick2001 - March 14

Since you only had s_x less than a week ago, I doubt very much that you would already be exhibiting signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Sings that prominent would not be showing up yet.


Crystal B - March 14

Sometimes birth control can trick your body into thinking your pregnant..I used to be on bc and i noticed that everytime i would miss a pill and then double up the next day , the next mourning I would be so queezy and I threw up..and you said that you always forget to take a pill so thats MAYBE why you threw up..Like jg said, wait untill you miss a period...When is it due?


TexasAngel - March 14

my period should be sometime around the end of the month or the 1.when i forget to take my pills its normally like 3 days later, since im not having s_x im not taking them, ya know? ive been waking up all hours of night peeing and throwing up, my boyfriend thinks i should wait until the 3rd or 4th to take a test.


maren - March 14

i would wait intill you miss your period. Once you miss your period then go for the test.


AudreyC - March 16

One way to remember to take your pill is to take it at the same time every day, like before you go to bed. I don't think it's a good idea to double up on the pills that you miss, since as you've found out, the hormones can make you sick. Just make sure to use a condom as well, just in case. Best wishes!



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