Possible STD Or What

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Nikola - February 26

hey i have a wee question just for advice not asking you to find out whats wrong with me but.... well after me and my b/f have s_x my "flower" hurts and hurts when i go to the toilet not to pee or whatever just to wipe. although it only started about 3, 4 weeks ago and i was thinking about it and would my pill cause it? i started a new kind about a month and a half ago. ? and i extremly shy and am so scared to go to the doc so some advice would be fantastic x thanks


Brittany - February 26

Is it your v____a that hurts or your "pee hole" lol sorry too much info. If its your v____al opening, you probably didn't use enough lubrication during s_x and your sore afterwards. If its not that, you could have a urinary tract infection. Most people don't know they have an STD, sometimes there are no symptoms at all so it's important to go to the doctor when you start having s_x. I was shy too at my first appointment but really, those doctors hear every question in the book. Have you been having unprotected s_x? That would lead to an STD. Most likely your just sore after having s_x. I don't think it could be your pill (birth control I'm guessing?), although, it might be causing dryness and it hurts after s_x.


SaraH - February 26

It's always possible that it could be an STD, but since it only hurts after s_x, I'd have to agree w/ Brittany. It's probably due to you not using enough lube. Also if you are using a lube or a lubed condom, it's possible that you could have a minor allergic reaction to the lubricant or possibly even the condom ( TMI, but I know I have problems w/ the KY lube that is suppose to "warm on contact." It makes me really sore afterwards...maybe it's something like that that you are experiencing?). You could also possibly have a UTI or a yeast infection but again if it only hurts after s_x, chances are it's just that the s_x is causing irritation. Make sure you use plenty of lube to help w/ irritation. If your worried about the possibility of an STD always use protection --especially if you and your b/f haven't been tested for STDs, or if you aren't completely exclusive. If you think you could have an STD always get tested right away as talking to a doc, even if your scared, is always a better option then having complications arise from an untreated STD (some can cause serious health and fertility problems). --Doc's by the way hear and see everything so don't be afraid to talk to them and tell them what is going on, that is what they are there for. Also, if the problem your having gets worse, doesn't go away even when you use extra lube, and/or it becomes a continuous soreness instead of just after s_x make sure you see your doc right away. As far as if b.c. could be causing the pain, I don't think so --except for maybe as said, it's making you more dry which would be a lube problems again.


hailey07 - February 26

Sounds like some irritation. Do you urinate arfter s_x? Sometimes if there isn't enough lubrication, bacteria can work its way into your urethra and cause irritation, peeing after s_x flushes the bacteria out. It's always best to have enough lubrication, even if you have to use KY or another water based lubricant, and urinate after having s_x. It'll save you a lot of trouble and irritation.



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