Possibly Pregnant Need Answers

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Charly - October 31

my parents died when i was 13 and i guess u could say i went wild. I'm sixteen now and i've had multiple s_x partners. Right now i've settled down a bit and been seeing one guy regulary. we had unprotected s_x about 2 and a half weeks after my period. he ejaculated in me, i am on the pill, but i don't take it regulary,, should i stop taking the pill. am i pregnant.. what do i do??


z - October 31

do a test and depending on the outcome stop having s_x until you start taking the pill properly


Jennie - October 31

I'm 4 months pregnant, I found out when I was 7 weeks, I had continued taking the pill, and my doctor said that the pills that they make now (as opposed to like ten years ago) won't hurt the baby. So keep taking it, just incase you're not pregnant, you won't get pregnant. And take a test two weeks after you usually get your period. Good luck!!


Charly - November 1

my last period ended on the 28th of Sept. I had s_x on the 16th of October. I was supposed to start my period Oct. 27th. I know its only 5 days but i'm really worried. I live with my grams and she can't afford a baby or to even take care of me as it is.. I'm rarely at home. I mostly live with my boyfriend. He is 20. I told him, that i might be pregnant, he says we should get married if i am.should i tell my grams, is it too early to get a hpt??


Viv - November 1

You don't have any symptoms of early pregnancy. Keep taking the pill like Jennie says. Maybe you should get a beeper to remind you to take the pill, and until you get in the habit, use a condom too.


Michaela - November 1

There is a possiblity that you could be pregnant.Pills are not 100% effective,pills are about 85-93% effective.You should try to take a home pregnancy test atleast 2 weeks after ovulation or s_xual intercourse.If it comes back negative or positive see your doctor still.I think you should quit taking the pill (if you want to)! You have many choices when your pregnant: 1.)Adoption 2.)Abortion 3.)Parenthood Or,you could take the EC or mouring after-pill!



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