Possibly Semi Inspirational Story For Pregnant Teenagers

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amanda17 - March 30

Since I have been a pregnant teen more than once and taken different approaches to my situations, I've been the person to talk to for other pregnant teenagers in my area. Most of them just looking for someone who understands and got a happy ending out of an unfortunate situation. I am here to share my personal story to provide insight and inspiration for confused pregnant teenagers. I met my now fiance when I was fourteen and we were immediately drawn to each other and had become inseparable within weeks. About three months into our relationship his family had moved about 45 minutes away, making it difficult for us to see each other. Several nervous break downs later he had decided he would move back here to be with me. I of course offered him what I could, but it wasn't much. He stayed at my house from 6AM-10PM everyday, because that is what my mom would allow. He slept behind a bus stop for several months until he found a family that took him in. As you could imagine with spending so much time together and experiencing such romantic sacrifice from him, I was very excited to give him my virginity. At first I had attempted to be protected and sought birth control... but with no car and no money it was difficult for me. I thought the only way was to ask my mom. I told her I was having really bad cramps and irregular periods instead of telling her I was planning on having s_x. She told me I was too young for birth control and left it at that. So I asked my boyfriend if he could get condoms, he doesn't have a car either so he had to walk to the store and purchase some. They ended up being too small for him and he couldn't get them comfortably on. In a moment of passion I told him it was fine and had s_x with him unprotected anyways. The experience was so romantic and amazing, I felt as though we were one person when we had s_x... I felt close to him. So after that I wanted to have s_x all the time, and I had completely forgotten about being protected. Of course, six months later, at the age of fifteen, I started getting morning sickness and odd cravings (popcorn and ice cream mostly), I thought I was just sick and hungry but my mom noticed. She confronted me. "I'm a virgin, mom" I told her, but it didn't do anything, she told me to 'humor her' and bought me a pregnancy test. It came out positive. I ran sobbing to my boyfriend, who was completely shocked and told me he would support whatever decision I decided to make. Being a scared, unprepared fifteen year old, I opted to abort. I told my mom and she also supported my decision. I got the abortion on Valentine's day. It's probably just what you would expect it to be. It's fast but uncomfortable, and afterwards you go on as though everything was perfectly normal, people are afraid to ask you about it, so it's as though nothing ever happened. But in the back of your mind you know what happened, no matter how hard you try to tell yourself it didn't... and it does follow you around forever. I don't think there has been a day that's gone by where I haven't wondered what if I hadn't gotten the abortion... What if I was a mother right now? Or what if I had put it up for adoption and made another family so happy? I'll never know. After the abortion I had cut back on having s_x and tried to be as protected as I could. Few years went by and I've stayed with the same person the entire time. I'm seventeen now and about seven months ago I found out I was pregnant. Of course the same uncertainty and fear had come over me when I had found out. I started getting the same morning sickness as before, and I asked my boyfriend to pick me up a pregnancy test. He did, and it came out positive. Again he told me he would support whatever decision I made. Thinking back to my regret on the past abortion I told him I wanted to keep it. At 13 weeks I told my mother, at 19 weeks I told my sister, at 20 weeks I told my father, by 21 weeks my whole family knew. (Luckily I took a long time to start showing so I was able to take my time telling everyone) No one in my family was particularly happy with me, and I became very depressed. I sat, depressed for weeks receiving threatening phone calls from my father and being hit by my sister. I had started thinking I had made the wrong choice and often thought about killing myself. At 24 weeks I felt her kick for the first time. A supreme power came over me. I held my stomach to feel her tiny pokes, and felt invincible. That Valentine's day I went in for an ultrasound and found out she was a girl. I had begun showing after that, and the whispers and rumors had started. They didn't phase me. I'm a mother now, I couldn't possibly let silly judgments phase me. I walk down the street with my tight maternity shirts arching my back to show off my beautiful tummy. People try to tell me I'm wrong for wanting to show it off, that I should be ashamed and hide it... I refuse, I love my daughter more than anything else in the world, why would I possibly want to hide her over something as silly as my age? The judgments of your average ignorant person may have bothered me before, but as long as I have her I am invincible. She's due June 20th, I hope the world will be ready for how wonderful she will be... If she could save my life from inside the womb, she's destined to be incredible.


kalokairi - March 30

she WILL be incredible.


angelmonkey - April 14

amanda in pregnant 19 u say u have had 2 obortions?


AddysMummy - April 14

She's had one according to this, "angel"


amanda17 - April 14

I'm pregnant and seventeen, I have had two abortions. I didn't mention the second one in this one because it was the exact same experience as the first one and I didn't feel the need to mention it. My second abortion I said "Mom, I'm pregnant again." She said "I'm not going to pay for it." So we asked a friend of ours to loan us the money. She did, I got an abortion. I went home. The end. I still felt just as c___ppy as I did the first time.



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