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durante baby - February 3

So Baby #2 is 5 months old now. My first was emergency c-section after 24hours of labor, and #2 was a c-section after 12 hours of labor. After haveing #2 I ended up with an EXTREAMLY bad infection from the surgery, that without me refuseing I would have been back in the hospital til it cleared up. After delivery I bled for several months straight, stopped then my AF arrived, my second period was exactly on time, now my third period is just under a month late. I am on no Bc, I have an appt for it on the 15th, so I know it wouldnt be that effecting it. Dh and I have been very careful, so there have been no accidents. I called my dr. She said take a test to be sure. Took the test and came back negitive. that was when I was about a week and a half late. My dr said that my periods should be way more regular now. Yesterday morning with my first urine I took another one just to be sure and that was also negitive. I am really worried about what is going on. No sighn of my period. I have been sleeping constantly except for work. Even then I dont wake up for my alarm I sleep so heavy. Dh has to make sure I get up every morn. I really dont feel I am pregnant. I am more worried about anything else that could be causeing this. Especially after my infection from the surgery....If anyone can make any suggestion on what this could be caused by I would greatly appreciate it. Sorry I told a life story of my deliveries, i just thought if it could be a cause to any of this it would help for your guys input......Thank you =D


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 14

I really don't know what it could be...maybe your periods are just off for a while. I would ask the doc for a blood test if possible just to be sure. My sis never got a positive urine test til she was 3 months. Although she knew because of m/s. Maybe the infection took a toll on your body and your periods aren't normal.



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