Prayer 4 Everyone

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Theresa - August 15

Dear Lord, as you can see, there are alot of girls coming on this sight looking for answers to so many questions.These girls don't mean any harm, but sometimes we say things out of anger.We are all here for the same reason, either to seek advice or give advice. Lord, please touch each and everyone of the girls who visit this sight.Touch there hearts, & give them the strength to make the best decision for there circ_mstances. Let them be at peace & feel your love. God, bless everyone & speak to their hearts. Lord we are living in the day & hour where there is just not no time for all this non -sense , arguments, & trash talking. God here my prayer today, & I pray that anyone reading this post will take this to heart & pray about it. In Jesus name , AMEN If you offended someone, please tell them your sorry. Sometimes I know we say things & sometimes we may not realize how we sounded, & someone might take it the wrong way.We are all here for the same reason, so please....lets just all get along!


nice of you - August 6

that's really sweet


Meagan - August 6

That was awesome. Thank you for that. Some people on here claim that they are praying for us, yet they throw curse words in the mix of 'praying', so it's good to see someone really praying and taking this to the Lord. God bless you abundantly for posting for His glory.


Christobal - August 7

i would like to FWD that same prayer to any other god or gods that exist.


To Christobal- - August 7

Once again.....what is your problem? I said it before & i'll say it again. Get over yourself! Quit being bitter & so sarcastic. It is uncalled for, if you don't believe in God then I am sorry 4 you & I hope one day you will see the light before it is to late 4 your soul. I will say a prayer 4 you.


Christobal - August 8

sorry, but i just think its funny how christianity is one of the newest religions in the world, and it's only really popular in the US. but somehow it's the "only real religion", according to the small population that is America. one thing that is 'uncalled for' is talking about religion and God to a topic that has little to do with christianity other than the fact that christians have their own view on being pregnant and not married.


To cristobal - August 8

Man you got issues, If you don't like what you read, don't join in the forum, hey how about heading off to some guy forums, like orsomething, you really don't belong here, you need to deal withyour own life, yoiur girl is pregnant right? she should be on this site not you, get a life and leave the girlie problems to us!!!


Tanya - August 8

Thank you for the prayer, I sam with you, there are some really mean girls on this site, and some very young girls looking for help who do not need the att_tude and belitttling, so thank you for your kind words


Shorty - August 8

To be perfectly honest, I am a bit offended with this posting up of prayers on a website as, prayers are pretty personal stuff, and rubbing them into peoples faces is not a good thing. If you wanna say something then say it, Look I am a Christain too but I get so sick of people using God as a method to put people down or bring their own point across, you need to be very very sure before putting Gods name to something, because if it isn't from him..... watch out.


name - August 8

this site is for help with questions concerning pregnancy, not a forum to enforce your religious beliefs.But I do agree, the girls on here need to stop trash talking each other cause I'm sure no one is posting on here to be judged, they just want help in a time where they feel alone.


Theresa - August 9

Hey Shorty & Christobol, First of all, christianity is NOT a new religion.Where do you get that from? With all due respect, I am sorry if I offended you with my prayer. If I did, please forgive me. I am not trying to force anything on anyone,& did not use God as a way of putting ANYONE down, or to force religion on anyone or to get a point accross. I simply said a prayer for the girls on this message board. And, as a matter of post was from God! I mean it was me saying it, but I felt impressed to do so by GOD cause after reading alot of the differant posts on here I am offended at all the vulgure/ bad language people are using & using Gods name in vain. It makes me sick to see others posting prayers on here & seeing swear words in there prayers. I mean come on,give me a break. To be a christian means to be CHRIST LIKE. I really doubt that God swears & uses bad language. And as far as Christianity having anything to do with this pregnancy message board....well yes it does. It's not all just unbelievers or non- christians who get pregnant & come on here to seek adivice, prayers, etc.. I mean, yes....the religious people make mistakes too.We are all human, no one ever said that Christians are all perfect. I said, I am sorry if I offended you, but I felt I I had to say that. God bless


Stacy - August 15

i really hate anything posted about god or religion i find it really judgemental



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