Pregant Or Not

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Tears - May 17

Well my bf and I had s_x but we didn't use a condom. After I had asked him if he had bust inside of my he said it felt like it but he wasn't sure. lately I have been feeling like I have to throw up, my br___t have been sore, I have been sleepy alot and I've noticed a change in my eating. The only thing is i still have almost 2 week until my next period. What should I do?


Robyn - May 17

To Tears - well u seem 2 b having some signs but i don't know how long ago u had s_x bcoz it might be 2 early to have any signs, u might just be worried that you are and your mind is playing tricks on you. and to put your mind to rest all you can really do is wait:( wait until uve missed your period then u buy a test or go to the doctor's and get a blood test done! Best of Luck luv ya Robyn x X x X x X x


shakira - May 17

hey im having all the same symptoms as you but i havent even started my period yet so i know how you feel not knowing! but dont worry theres plenty of people here who are willing to help. youll get through this, if i can u can xXx


Brada - September 14

im 22 and i no how u feel .i also feel very lazy im always hungrey and im 4 days late 4 my peroid i was told i have to wait at least a week or 2 to take a p test but i dont no im starting to wonder thank u brada oxoxox


kim - September 14

You are maybe just worrying to much, but anytime you ahve unprotected s_x, even if he pulls out you could get pregnant. So in that case wait until you miss a period and then take a test if your period doesn't come.


brada - September 14

i know im already late im 4 days late and this is the first time ever that i have been late for my peroid in my whole life


Brada - September 14

i also use the bathroom more as in #1 and #2 i been feeling really weorid and im wondering if that is a sign


Grandpa Viv - September 14

Brada, you have good early signs. Late, fatigue (worn out), appet_te changes, more peeing and upset gut are all signs of the higher levels of progesterone at the beginning of pregnancy. How about unusually emotional, dizzy, lotion discharge? Take another test Sunday morning first pee and see if it is more promising! Good luck!


Brada - September 15

thanks for ur imput i was thinking so to but u cant cant tell any one right i also have a little cold i really not feeling well and i cant take any medcation right im scared if i do then im pregant i could harm the baby any way thank u so much xxoxoxox


** - September 16



louise - September 20

if you first become pregent do you wee more often and have saw stomach


AMANDA - October 6




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