Pregnancy And Weight

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18 and planning - May 14

I am a little overweight, but planning to get pregnant. I am 18, a high school graduate, got a good job, and a boyfriend of 5 years. We already have $800 saved for the baby. That's not including what medical money we saved. How can an 18 year old have this kind of money? No I am not rich. I just save a lot of what I earn, and everytime I get money for like christmas or whatever I saved it for my future babies. So I am not on here to be bashed. I was told that you should not get pregnant while overweight becuase it causes too many problems. Is there anyway to be a little overweight and still have a healthy pregnancy and baby? I have asked my Dr. but she sees nothing wrong with it. I do believe her, but I just want some more advice. I am a little nervous to ask much more about it from my Dr. Mainly cause she thinks that I don't need to lose weight. I am 5 foot 5 inches, and 230, but very healthy. Though some seem to think it is impossible to be overweight and does not mean it is wrong. I do not think there is anyway that I would end up having a unhealthy baby, if I continue with my vitamins, and eat healthy, and exerise daily....but still...I just really want to know. Please let me know. Thanks. :)


To: 18 and planning - May 14

I do not think that you are fully telling the truth.


To 18 and planning - May 15

Do you think you can raise a baby on 800 dollars that will take care of a baby for maybe 6 months if you are cheap about it I think that you need to grow up more and worry more about getting settled in life then trying to have a baby.


18 and planning - May 15

That $800 is not for the babies whole life! It is for the first month! For clothes, and other things. My best friends baby just grew out of his crib, and all his baby things are still in good shape, so she is giving his baby things to me to use until my baby grows out of them. Maybe look around before jumping to conclusions. Neither of you had any means to jump down my throut! I came on here for advice, NOT MEAN COMMENTS!


maya - May 15

well google it. casue i'm big for my age but healthy for my height soo. I don't know.



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