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los33 - November 19

Well my boyfriend came here few months ago.. We found out im pregnant. Im already going on to 4 months still 3 1/2 months its been pretty easy.. I have a few questions tho but before i ask just to let you guys know im only 15 about to be 16 in a few weeks i know im young but it happened because of me and im ready to take it on.. My parents do not know yet and me and my boyfriend have been doing everything we can from doctor visits to vitamin prenatal pills... My questions i wanted to ask is... last 2-3 weeks sometimes during the night time around 9 or later when im almost going to sleep i seem to have stomach aches sometimes bad and sometimes light... its usually a little above my bladder like somethings pressing on it.. Is that normal? My 2nd question is since the beginning i haven't had any pregnancy symptoms except tender br___ts and eating habits like cravings and having to go pee pee a lot... But all of a sudden last night i had a very bad stomach ache but i managed to go to sleep... Then after school all of a sudden it seemed like i could not even look at food or even smell it without needing to throw up... Ive never had mourning sickness is it possible im barely getting it now? Because if i am getting it now i might have to finally come out to my parents because theirs no way i can hide throwing up... I also have gotten a little bigger :) a little poof growing... Thanks for your time :)


V9653 - November 20

Los33,it sounds like I'm a little a head of you in my pregnancy and I do get a lot of stomach aches at night. You have to realize that you now have a baby the size of a pear in you, and your uterus is bigger and heavier. IF you sleep in a position that cuts off circulation, you will feel it like a really bad stomach cramp. Bad positions are on your back and on your stomach. Best position is on your side-for even better circulation they say lay on your left side. But still talk to your doctor. As for symptoms, it is very possible to experience them later in pregnancy. Pregnancy symptoms come from low blood sugar (the throwing up), your body trying to adjust to hormones, etc. I read my weekly pregnancy updates online and one said that around this time (18 weeks) I could experience dizziness, faintness, and an increase in appet_te. And I have begun getting sick again. Im hungrier these days and if I don't eat right, I'm back over the toilet, and the dizziness and faintness that it sometimes starts with can come from low blood pressure. Our babies are going through major growth spurts right now and if we don't stay caught up, we get sick! Hope it helps!


mmp - November 21

please talk to your parents. often the school nurse has a lot of great information for to-be-teen parents. the school nurse may be able to help you with telling your parents. she also has some excellent resource materials available for you and your boyfriend such as a school or local support group. since you said you are going to a doctor, please do not hest_tate to call your doctor's telephone number to ask questions. if possible, please buy the book "what to expect when you're expecting" for about $15 which explains your body changes through the birth of your child



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