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amanda17 - August 29

I'm gonna take a pregnancy test in about a week even if my period comes, just to calm my nerves. I was wondering if I would still have high hormone levels from being pregnant with Ellie? Like would I get an inaccurate positive if I took a test this soon after delivery?


lunamoo - August 29

Another thread!?!?!?!??!? Can you not live a day without posting??


iona - August 29

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH give it a rest already girl. Concentrate a week on your daughter, husband, mom and grandma...... stop posting already!!!!!!!!!!


kimberly - August 29

Amanda, I read your post stating that you took the morning after pill, because of your rape. So why do you think you are pregnant? Have you had unprotected s_x since you took the pill? How old is Ellie? I am not trying to sound rude or anything, just wondering. If Ellie is really young then it would be slightly possible to get a positive because of your pregnancy with her, but it is not likely at all. A positive is usually a positive no matter what. I guess the hormone can linger for a month or so. Unless you are having unprotected s_x, which in another post of yours you said you use condoms, then I would say it is just hormones playing tricks with your head.


newbaby2009 - August 29

I think at Ellies age you'd be fine. I stopped testing positive about 3 weeks after i had Rylie. The morning after pill only reduces the chance of pregnancy by 75% or so. You said you expect your period on the 5th so it was around your ovulation time. I wish you the best!


newbaby2009 - August 29

I have to correct myself. I looked onlinee and it said plan B is 89% effective if taken within 3 days and 75% if taken within 5 days. You took it right away, right?


Krissy25 - August 29

I looked up how long you can continue to get a positive and the answer i got was 4-6 weeks, your 12 weeks out right? So there should be no issues with that. You could take one now knowing it would come up negative to be sure, that way if it does happen to be positive in a week you'll know that it is really positive.


Bilmes123 - August 29

The morning after bill messes with your body. So who knows if your period will be normal or on time. It also messes with your hormones. When I took the pill my body was so messed up after that....


amanda17 - August 29

Ellie is 3 months and I just wanna be sure cuz I know the morning after pill can fail sometimes. As newbaby said it was just around my ovulation, and I'm incredibly fertile.


AddysMummy - August 29

Also if you we're pregnant from Harold, if the egg already implanted it'd do nothing. I think it's a good idea. I doubt you'd get a positive from Ellie.


newbaby2009 - August 29

Id do what krissy said and take one now so you can rule out a false positive next week. If by chance you are pregnant, would you know whose it was? How along ago was the incident you could have gotten pregnant with Harold?


durante baby - August 30

well i personally think there is no harm in her posting considering she has perfectly lagit threads going, and if the threads were really annoying or p__sing anyone off other then you two (lunamoo & iona) then the other ladies wouldnt be keeping them alive they would stop posting in them and let them die.....but........I might add it is kinda funny how you two are the two least known on this thread, coinsidentally both have only negitive things to say and you both coinsidentally posted minutes apart from each other.....hmmm ironic dont you think?


durante baby - August 30

you know I could be completely off on this so DONT quote me, but isnt it true that when you are pregnant, your body slowly stops producing the pregnancy hormone so it is likely that if you say take a pregnancy test when you are 9months pregnant it may come out negitive?


newbaby2009 - August 30

Ive actually heard the pregnancy hormone levels get to high for home pregnancy tests to detect and thats why you can get a negative when you're really far along.


amanda17 - August 30

Oh wow I didn't know that. If I was pregnant by Harold I would have conceived around August 5th, or August 13th... If it was the other guy it would have been around the 25th. I started getting what I believe to be ovulation cramps on the 22nd and they lasted 3 days. If I took plan B when I was already pregnant would I have harmed the baby at all? For some stupid reason I didn't even think about that.


AddysMummy - August 30

Don't worry Amanda, if you did get pregnant by Harold you wouldn't harm the baby. The baby would already be conceived and implanting in your uterus. Plan B doesn't prevent implantation. That's why your chances of it working get less and less as each day pa__ses.


ashley_1991 - August 30

Tess is right, if it where Harolds baby you wouldnt have to worry about it being harmed..,, take a test and see your results.. try not to stress too much... let us no how it goes:D Lunamoo and Iona.-- I havent seen any posts lately from you two (or one) that have anything to do with pregnancy or a question in general, Amanda's questions are legit, lay off her already!



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