Pregnancy Test Broken

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Ky_la_02 - October 13

I've missed my last two periods and have taken two pregnancy tests. Both were the First Resonse from the same package. The first one I took was clearly negative. However, the one I took tonight was different... In the first few seconds, I'd say it lasted 15 seconds, the first line showed up, then dissapeared completely and then the line behind it showed up which stayed the whole 3 minutes . Could it be that the test is broken? Has anyone else experienced this?


tish212 - October 13

did u check the experation date on the package? there r several reasons u can miss ur periods..including pcos...stress...and not everyone has/keeps regular periods... I would buy another test and try again if u still get negative readings u might want to take to ur dr... remember to use ur first morning urine since it is said to have the strongest level of the pregnancy hormone...


ChattyKathy - October 13

It sounds like a faulty test to me. You should consider calling the manufacturer to let them know about disappearing lines. If you are concerned, you should make an appointment with your doctor. Get an exam and bloodwork to see what could be going on.


HeavenisMine - October 13

I got a faulty first response too, the result didn't show up for two whole hours, and then an evaporation line showed up.


krissy2006 - October 14

If you are continuously missing periods and the tests are coming up negative it is not likely that the tests are faulty but rather that you are not ovulating regularly, hence not getting your period. The reasons for not ovulating regularly are as follows: pcos, stress (as tish said) thryoid issues, a hormonal imbalance (this is most common) or if you are a young teen (im not sure because u didnt say) and or your cycles started less than 3 years ago it is very normal to have irregular cycles. If it is worrisome to you, you have any pain, cramping or symptoms you need to see a doctor so they can rule out pregnancy and try to regulate your cycles (unless you are young and havent regulated naturally yet)... good luck to you and I hope everything sorts itself out.


Ky_la_02 - October 15

Thank you ladies for your responses. I am almost 18, but have had normal periods every month since I was 13. I'm thinking it may be caused from stress, because my dad (my hero) pa__sed away this summer and things have been very chaotic since. But, my boyfriend and I have had unprotected s_x and that’s why I’m iffy about it. I have had symptoms of pregnancy; cramps, tired and hungry all the time, I’m using the bathroom quite frequently and I’m getting major upset over small things, which is not like me at all. I don’t know if this is a symptom or not, but my stomach is very tender; like every time I push on it, it hurts… any thoughts what that could be? I have had problems with my thyroid but am currently on and have been taking medication to help it for a few years. Around the time I’m expecting my period I feel the same as I’ve always felt, but it never actually comes. I’m planning on scheduling an appointment with my doctor this week to make sure. Again, thank you ladies for your replies. I wish you all best. ~*~Kylie~*~



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