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estellefelicia26 - March 2

Hey girls, please no judgments but i am 15 years old and im sure im pregnant im waiting to take a test, i had s_x about 3 weeks ago and it wierde because it feels like im already starting to get syptoms like allot of discharge and alredy feeling nausious throughout the day, this is where i find it hugly wierd is that i had s_x during my period.. now what are the possiblities or am i just sick and have an infection? i just researched before that im more likey to have twins if its so sudden.. but what are the chances? i dont know how to tell my parents my family the guy i had s_x with or anything im lost out of words i just feel so alone and itd be super great if somebody could help explain what this is? kinds remarks, Estelle x


estellefelicia26 - March 2

please somebody say something as soon as possible xx


Grandpa Viv - March 2

You are not alone - we are with you. Women do sometimes get pregnant from s_x the last day of their period, though that is normally thought of as outside the fertile window. Lotion discharge and feelings of nausea are early signs. How about fatigue and more peeing? If this was your s_xual debut the signs may be psychological. You are going to have to buy a home preg test from WalMart or wherever and run it on first morning pee if/when your period shows up missing. If it is positive the best bet is to take a deep breath and carry it to show your mom. "The good news is you are going to be a grandmother, the bad news is I am pregnant." Check my profile if you want to talk more.


estellefelicia26 - March 3

Thanyou so much for replying to me, i feel allot more comfortable now, and yes i have been getting trips to the bathroom regulary, i seem to get over emotional at this stage i think its just my mind is raceing about this and im reacting in an durastic way. Today I was extremley tired and still am, ive been feeling like i have the b___terflies and nautious quiet frequintly now, although im not sure if that is indeed normal? everytime i eat something i feel sick like i eithor need to eat more or i ate too much, i cant even drink too much water or else it feels like im going to chuck it up, if you have any answeres on these symptoms pease tell me, also my family isnt exacly ike that, i dont live with my mother as she kicked me out at the age of 13, my Father and my mother actually are seperated and they had their first child togethor at 15 and 17 years old, i remember along time before now i have told my Dad i think i was pregnant on previou occasions but i wasnt having any symptoms like i am now, but my father always has stood by me. Although im aware that this woud make him very upset, its the people i live with who will make it more about themselves other than the fact i have to deal with this, My Grandmother for instance who is my Fathers mother, Told me that when my mother fell pregnant with my eldest sister she became very sick and couldnt eat because she was so worried for my Dad and Mother, my grandma ran him and my mother down to the whole family saying how bad of people they are, and in the end my family members started getting way to involved into the situation and caussed conflict between my parents and other family memebers, This is where i am very scared is that my Grandma will do the exact same to me. Also i dont even know how to tell the guy i think i may be pregnant.. or should i even?:/ it'd be appreciated greatly if i could have an answere(: x


Grandpa Viv - March 3

Changes in appet_te and fav foods would be symptoms. Weird cramps, sensitive to smells, backache, headache, stuffy nose, b___b and nip signs, vivid dreams count too. You are unfortunate to have been born into a multigenerational problem family. That's not your fault. You can escape and make something of your life, but it will need determination, hard work and an outside attachment figure to help. Can you think of someone who would fit the bill? Avoid the blame game - it brings all parties down. Please keep talking. When is your period due?


estellefelicia26 - March 3

actually i did get a stuffy nose last night which is a actually sstrange and definatly atleast 2 vivid dreams and both about babies. yes definatly im already organising my living arragngments, and I do understand with the blaming thing i shouldnt be making it anybodies fault and thankyou for that information, and my period is due around the 16th this month


Grandpa Viv - March 4

The timing here is pretty unusual. With a period due March 16th most women would have ovulated this past weekend, with no chance of getting pregnant from s_x three weeks ago. How long is it between periods anyway - that computes to more than a 35 day cycle. Is it possible that you are pregnant from s_x in the middle of January and had an in-pregnancy bleed at the beginning of February?


estellefelicia26 - March 4

usually i have it at any time of the month so i guess you could say its irregular but my last one i had for about 3 days and thats it and no last time before three weeks go when i had s_x was september last year so theirs no possible way but this time im getting heaps of differant symptoms


Grandpa Viv - March 4

Hmm. If it is a month since the incident and a week or more since early signs began, you should be able to run a home test soon with pretty good chance of accuracy. Why not plan for Saturday first morning pee and see what happens. This timing story starts me wondering if you are suffering from a cyst and not pregnancy. Pregnancy from s_x on cycle day two or three would be something for the record books. Check my profile for direct contact. Keep smiling!


estellefelicia26 - March 5

actually I just did a pregnancy test just then and i am pregnant, i thought it wasnt going to work properly but I am actually pregnant, now i am worried..


Grandpa Viv - March 5

Sympathy! How are you planning to handle the situation? It's usually best to get an adult involved - either your Grandma, another close relative, or a teacher at school. You will need someone to confide in just to maintain your sanity.


estellefelicia26 - March 6

I'm thinking about telling my Dad but i have no idea how too, and should i tell the father of my child?:/


Grandpa Viv - March 6

How about "Dad, I've screwed up big time. I need your help." Tell the guy after you and your father have figured out what you are going to do. You may decide it is better not to tell him anything. One night stands are no way to start a marriage, if that is what you are thinking. By the time it gets out you are pregnant he will will be in no position to figure out if he is the father or someone else.


estellefelicia26 - March 7

yeah im going to try him tommorow, thankyou for your help(:



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