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galisa - February 3

im 12 well i'll be 13 in 2 weeks and i had s_x wih 3 guys i don't know who is the father the one guy is 18 and has a ok job should i just tell him he is the father?


help - February 3



a - February 3

first of all, why are you having s_x and 12 especially with 3 boys, but to answer you question you have to figure out when you ovulated, so when didyou start you last period, count about 14 days in, who ever you slept with then is probley the dad, you can alway get a dna test too, but dont tell the 18 yr old that he is the father because he has a job, if it's not his, it's not fair to put the responsiblity on him. Talk to you parents, plus the 18 yr old can get charged for statutory rape. next time think of the consequences before you lay down.


to a - February 3

learn how to write


Nat - February 4

No of course you shouldn't tell the 18 year old that he is the father. As mentioned in the post above he could get charged with statutory rape (although an 18 year old having s_x with a 12 year old sounds pretty sick to me - but thats a different story altogether). Look if you are having this child and dont know who the father is then that's exactly wheat you need to say, you can just pick one. Tell your parents the situation and when the baby is born have a DNA test!


lilhan - February 4

just because u had s_x, u don't automattcly a__sume yr pregnant! At 12 i think u are really young to even be thinkin about s_x, this 18 year old lad in my eyes is a sick pervert, sorry love, but i think u should talk to yr parents about this, and if yr gonna have s_x please please use protection!


Paige - February 8

Hey, Galisa if u want some one to talk to u can e-mail me at [email protected] and we can talk and i would love to help with what ever i can. And no u should not tell the 18 yr old he is the father


cheryl - February 9

no, you should not tell him he is the father because if a dna test is done you will have a lot of explaining to do and it will just make things worst for you. if you want to talk email me [email protected]


Hilary - February 9

You COULD just tell him the father, but he most likely will want a DNA test. And most of the time, if he contests it will be done, or no Child Support.


jessica - February 19

no because he can go to jail and he cann't take of a baby in jail


kelsey - February 26

hey galisa, im really sorry you are in this situation. I personally think you should tell your parents and get a dna test. If you even decide to have the baby......youve probably heard this a million times but babies are a HUGE responsibility and you are 12(13) havent even gone to high havent even started your life.....believe it or not the 18 year old CAN go to jail...but the choices are all up to you , dont let anyone make the decicions for you.......<3



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