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*-baby blue-* - January 17

i had unprotected s_x 3 times while ovualting and he came in me all 3 tymes~what r muh chances of bein pregnant? please help im scared!


Mommy - January 17

Very good. If you aren't pregnant and don't want to be you need to get on birth control. If you are be prepared to make life changing choices. You need to use protection until you find out and when you find out one wayy or another you need to make decisions about the pregnancy or ways to aviod any more pregnancy scares.


??? - January 17

If you're so scared, why the hell did you have UNprotected s_x, THREE times, and let him c_m in you EVERY time?!?! I swear, some of you girls are just painfully stupid. You have an enormous chance of being pregnant. Take a test. You think you're scared - hell, if you are pregnant, I'm scared, knowing you're a parent.


*-baby blue-* - January 17

well thanks "mommy" for your advice and yeah id still like some more advice from other ppl so plz help me!!


April - January 17

Dear, there's no other advice for anyone to give! You have a ridiculously high chance of being pregnant, and that's all there is to it. So stick around, and listen to people make fun of you, for being so unbelievably careless - or just take what you've been told already (YES, you could be pregnant!) - and move on to the next step - taking an actual pregnancy test.


Gina - January 17

No kidding, what do you mean you still want more advice? No one is going to tell you your chances are low - because they're just not. You'll be d__n lucky if you're not pregnant. Are you waiting for some sort of percent here?! Um...ok, your chances are 98%.


Lillie E - January 17

well baby blue i'm sorry people are gettin really p__sy... you do have a really high chance of getting pregnant and its no surprize your scared. if you are pregnant, your lifes going to change a lot, and if your not get on birth control as soon as possible...


*-baby blue-* - January 18

yeah well its not like i really wanted to get pregnant...its not like i new that i was ovulating til the day after and my friend told me to check out the ovulation calendars. well thanks to the supportive ones!! if u have nething else to say then post! i will take a test as soon as i can. and ill tell u the resuslts but that could be a while


April - January 18

It's not a matter of being p__sy, it's common sense. Hell, she had to know the answer herself before even posting. The fact is - the chances are very high - there's nothing more to say than that - and certainly no point in asking for "still more advice".


*-baby blue-* - January 18

sorry but no i didnt no the answer so i was askin for opinons im only 14 so chill...i just wanted to now some stuff and now im gettin b___hed at


........ - January 18

the fact that you can respond to anything with the phrase "I'm only 14!" - means you shouldn't be having s_x.


*-baby blue-* - January 18

ok well im sorry but its wanted to do. i come on here for some simple advice and all i get is torture


Lillie E - January 18

i personally think if someone is going to comment on the teen pregnancy forums you shouldn't be condoning it, but you shouldn't preach to them either. teenagers are going to do what they're going to do... and theres not changing it


Jbear - January 18

How long ago did it happen? If it was less than 5 days, you can take emergency contraception (plan b).


Erica - January 18

statistically you have a 25% chance of being pregnant.



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