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ineedyou123 - December 21

my boyfriend and I had s_x on December 16, 2007. we did not use a condom, and i am not on any type of birth control at the moment. i planned on getting an emergency contraceptive "plan B", knowing it works best three days after unprotected s_x, but possibly five days if i am not mistaken. So with that information being known i had initiated to get to a pharmacy by Wednesday December 19, 2007, but what interrupted that plan was my boyfriend was not allowed to come to my house due to certain circ_mstances occurring at his own house. so Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were canceled out and he couldn't make it. barely cutting it on Thursday the plan couldn't proceed either due to he had to babysit his younger brother and sister. so today being Friday December 21, 2007, my boyfriend and I believe it being the fifth day of the five days given to take the contraceptive may still give us a chance to not be pregnant. i am really not too assured on how affective the pill is going to be due to the fact that my boyfriend ejaculated inside me three total times in one night, and this being the fifth day the pill may not take its most affective roll. so due to all this information i have given to you may someone please give me some kind of opinion on my situation. pregnant? or am I just over-reacting?


krissy2006 - December 21

In any given cycle of a healthy woman who is ovulating regularly and has s_x the 4 days leading up to ovulation and the day of ovulation there is only a 25% chance of pregnancy each cycle anyway. By now if you are going to end up pregnant the egg and sperm have joined and are on their happy little journey to your uterus. I don't know at what point the plan B contraceptive or emergency contraceptive comes in to play. I would imagine it would destroy the zygote before it reached the uterus to implant and therefore is most effective 3-5 days after intercourse because it takes anywhere from 7-10 days to implant. However, I am also a__suming you don't know when you ovulate as most women who are not trying to have a baby just don't pay attention to that kind of stuff. So given that even if you hit the nail on the head and ovulated just aroudn the time of s_x you only have a 25% chance of pregnancy. This number decreases significantly since you dont know when you ovulate or if you ovulate regularly or if you ovulate at all. Are your periods generally normal length or are they irregular. I would say your chances of pregnancy are pretty low. I would also say that if the plan b contraceptive says you can take from day 3 - day 5 after intercourse and today is day 5 and you are able to buy the pill today and take it today that it should be effective. GL to you!


AddysMummy - December 21

Only up to 3 days, not 5. Your chances get lower and lower each pa__sing day.


Grandpa Viv - December 21

Much depends on where you were in your cycle. If your next period is due the last days of December then 12/16 was not a good time to be having unprotected. If it is due by Christmas, the egg was probably done for, and PlanB was not necessary. BTW, PlanB should be taken as soon as possible after an accident. It has decreasing effect out to three and possibily five days. PlanB may itself mess with your cycle and give symptoms similar to pregnancy, so you had better get ready to take a couple of preg tests using first morning pee, the first when your period is due and the second a week later. Good luck!


tsprite - December 21

Why don't you just get a test and find out yourself. It will settle the thoughts of "am I?" You don't need HIM to settle your mind. Do you keep track of your cycles? If you do figure it out that way...If you are at a point in your cycle where no ovulation is taking place, it doesn't matter how many times he "ejaculates" ! For best results everytime, I would always use a condom/get on the pill.


ineedyou123 - December 22

well, today i did got the "plan B" and a pregnancy test the test came out negative but i must go get another one in two weeks as what the doctor told me. the thing is about getting things such as this on my own my mom wouldn't allow me to leave on my own i could have only gone with HIM. but all that is besides the point i do have an irregular period so in that case once i get my period hopefully i do this month i am also getting the Depo-Provera birth control which is the shot form of birth control it will not only regulate my period cycle but protect me from these pregnancy scares. and it isn't something i have to remember to take everyday i just have to return to the clinic every 12 weeks. i am quite aware that it does not protect me from hiv and sti's but i also have a later appointment with the doctor for that testing also. but i do have really no idea what or when ovulation occurs?


tsprite - December 22

How old are you? If you are having s_x you should know what and when ovulation is and occurs.. It may not seem like something that you should be thinking of when you are in the heat of the moment..but seriously. I would recommend the pill and not the shot. Taking the pill will get your familiar with your cycle, and you can stop taking it, as wehere the shot, not so much. Good Luck!! Hope everything works out ok.


ineedyou123 - December 22

i am only 16 but like i recently started having s_x this very month for the first time, which is why i am not familiar with what ovulation is and when it occurs and like yeah i was once on the pill for two months but i have a bit of a memory problem unfortunately and like i couldn't remember to take it ever day at the same time cause i would forget one day and it would like affect my daily mood and the way i felt i would get really sick. but i decided on the shot because it seemed as the easier way to go. and i can most likely remember every three months than at the same time everyday i don't know it kinda way too confusing? :/ i wish s_x wasn't so complicated. but thanks for your advice and good luck its highly appreciated [:


ineedyou123 - December 22

and it was recommended for me to get off the birth control at the beginning of this month due to the fact i had to take a pregnancy test but it came out to be negative.


ineedyou123 - December 22

and i should admit i absolutely love to read grandpa viv's advice on all forum questions [: its grreat



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