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Miss_C - April 8

Hi I am not as young as some of you, I am 19, and will be 20 when i give birth (Due Nov 15th). I did not mean to get pregnant. I was in the pill at the time. I have decided to keep my baby. I had an abortion when I was 14, as I was raped by a neighbour and became pregnant. After that i was so traumatised I turned to drugs for about 8 months and in that time I became pregnant and lost my baby at 12 weeks. I have since been clean from drugs for 2.5 years and have been going to counselling for all this for the past 18 months. I am in a much better place right now, and I am going to focus on lookng after myself so hat I can give my little baby the best possible start in this world :)


TraceyC - April 8

congratulations on your pregnancy and well done for coming off the drugs.


amanda17 - April 8

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate past. I have been in similar situations.. I've been raped twice, but didn't get pregnant from either of them. I had two abortions, one at 15 and the other at 16. I'm 17 now, almost 30 weeks pregnant, due June 20th with a girl, Elizabeth Rae. Congratulations and be sure to keep us updated on how your little one is coming along!


Miss_C - April 9

Wow Amanda! You don;t have long left :) I like the name you have choosen, it is pretty :) Make sure you let us know how you are and let us know when you have you little girl :) Is the father of your baby still aorund? I have been so lucky so far, I havent even felt sick once! Finders crossed tho! I am still considered high risk at the moment, as I had the previous miscarriage, but I think everythig will be fine, my doctor is just being extra careful :)


amanda17 - April 9

Yep, daddy is still around and very excited. Everything is going great with my pregnancy, not one complication so far. You're soooo lucky to not be feeling sick, I had morning sickness for 18 weeks, and now it's coming back! At first my doctor considered me high risk for a miscarriage too because of the abortions, but he checked my cervix and changed his mind. He's actually predicting she's going to be snuggled in there for a while and probably be late! So I'm sure everything will be fine for you. :)


ellys_love - April 9

Congratulations on your pregnancy! i'm due in november too =]


BrookieCookie - April 12

congrats.. hope all is well for you =]


PreciousBaby19 - April 12

congrats on your miracle. This is a true blessing. Your life has changed for the better and now your having a wonderful new life together with your baby. I wish you all the best.


angelmonkey - April 12

amanda17 u had a child at 15 an abortion at 15 an abortion at 16 and now ur pregnant at 17 had u not heard of safe s_x? i mean the obortions were unwanted babies im guessing??


AddysMummy - April 12

Angel like you're anyone to talk anything against Amanda17, the little child trying to have a baby, how disgusting. At least she knew she couldn't take care of one and didn't purposefully ttc something she can't take care of like YOU are.


amanda17 - April 12

Yeah I had an abortion at 15, and another at 16. I was scared and unprepared. I didn't want people to find out so yes, selfishly I aborted them. Is it something I'm proud of? No. Is it something you have any right to judge me on or tell me I was wrong for doing? Absolutely not. You sit there and whine that people are so hard on you for being ttc at a young age, then you go and and criticize me? Wow, honey I'm embarra__sed for you.


grow_up - April 12

When did this turn into an abortion post?? From what I know my dear, you're just barely 18 and have been ttc for 7 months correct? Have you and your 23 year old partner been together long? Either you are in a new relationship where it wouldn't be wise to ttc, or your man falls under the catagory of a statutory rapist. Perhaps we could speak ill of him robbing the cradle? That would be mean and immature, and you'd consider me to be sticking my nose where it doesn't belong I'm're doing the exact same thing honey. Look in the mirror and work on your own flaws before flaunting around everybody elses. Have a lovely day.


angelmonkey - April 14

u all have your own opioion but its my choice i have a flat we both have a full time job and plenty of money i am perfictly capable of bringing a child in to the world despite your opioions. u dont no half as much as u think u do about my life. and reason i said anything about amanda is she has a different story in each chat room was just wondering. anyway u all have opioions but ionly no how wrong u have it but carry on its quite funny how u all think u have a clear picture about my whole life but carry on because only i no who i am and what i am cabable of


grow_up - April 14

My point being you don't know half about anyone elses life either so leave them the hell alone if you don't want anyone offering you their opinion back.


angelmonkey - April 14

yes and i was asking her about her life not telling her like u all seem 2 be doing


amanda17 - April 14

Do you think I'm fake or something? Just because I don't tell my life story in EVERY post I do doesn't mean I'm making things up. I say what is relevant to the post. If you'll notice, all the pieces of my story come together to make sense. I've had a lot of c___p happen to me and it would be pretty annoying to be writing a novel every time someone asked me about myself. This is me in a nut shell: I'm Amanda. I'm seventeen years old. I don't have any kids. I had an abortion at 15, and another at 16. I am now 30 weeks and 3 days pregnant with a girl named Elizabeth Rae. She is due on June 20th. My dad is a mentally unstable, abusive alcoholic. I'm working on getting a restraining order against him for the safety of Elizabeth. I have two brothers and three sisters, all older than me. I have never met my oldest sister. My second oldest sister has a six month old boy named Ayden, who I baby sit often. My third oldest sister is just as crazy as my dad. My oldest brother does not pay any attention to me, nor do I to him. My second oldest brother is a drug addict and was just released from jail on April 7th, he was in there for about a year I think. I live with my grandma. My dad is not allowed on our property. My mom lives with my dad, but she comes here when he's being a jerk. I also live with my third oldest sister, and she hates me and does not support me at all. My boyfriend, recently my fiance, lives down the street from me with some friends of ours. His parents live in a town about 45 minutes away. He moved here to be with me. I was raped twice, once when I was 14 and once when I was maybe 10. The person who raped me when I was 14 had met me at my school, though he did not attend the same school as me. We hung out a lot but he never spoke about himself... He just wanted to know more about me. He was trying to take it too far and I told him I wasn't comfortable being his friend and didn't want to see him anymore, especially at that time because I was getting closer with my now fiance. He got upset, threw me in the back seat of his car and raped me. He was 6'8" yes, Six foot eight, and very athletic so I didn't stand much of a chance of getting away from him. Afterwards he started crying and apologized and said that he loved me and took me home and seemed to disappear. I told my mom who reported him, but I didn't know his last name or where he went to school or anything about him. When I was raped at about 10 (I want to say maybe I was 9), I suppose you can call this a molestation because he was about 45 years old, a friend of my dad's. Since I was so young I really didn't understand what he was doing, he told me it was normal and that if I was a good girl and did what he said he would reward me with things like the toys I wanted. All he asked me to do was sit still, not make any noise and not to tell anyone. For years I didn't, and by the time I had realized what he did, and decided to tell someone, he had died of a heart attack. Are there any questions?


angelmonkey - April 14

it's my choice to decide weather or not i know my boyfriend enough to be ttc not yours or anyone else's so go away and stop giving your opinion on how i should run my life because i dont want it as u just keep repeating the same the thing and your boring me and pi**ing me off i dont care what you think ok so back off!! amanda 17 i wasn't accusing of being fake i was just confused! i half understand what you have been thru as i wasn't raped but was s_xually a__sulted when i was 10. im sorry if i came across as thinking you were fake but i wasn't applying that. sorry!!!



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