Pregnant Loooking Into Adoption

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Jenna - April 14

Hi-I am 17 and have a 15 month old daughter...we are doing great! I recently found out I was pregnant for the second time and I am placing my baby for adoption. I am just not sure where to turn. Any help?


Cheryl - April 14

Hi Jenna. I have a 4 year old adopted son. we are looking to adopt again. we want to do a private adoption. You can email me at bctraveler2000


to cheryl - April 15

why do you want to do private adoption? just curious


To: Jenna - April 15

I am just wondering...where are you located. My friend and her fiancee' of three years, are not able to have any children of their own....and are looking to adopt. Let me know...I am sure they would love to adopt your baby! :)


Jenna - April 15

I am in New Jersey


Cheryl - April 15

Because things are less complicated when you adopt privately. I do not like agencies because they sell babies.


Cheryl - April 15

Jenna we have been married 11 years and are stable, mature, and have lots of love to offer a child.


Cheryl - April 15

Jenna are you the same Jenna who said Lauren died in the other post?


Jenna - April 15

no im not , i dont know who you are talking about. whos that jenna? and how did she die?


Cheryl - April 15

Jenna, There is another Jenna in another post. She told me that Lauren died two weeks ago. Lauren was looking for adoptive parents for her baby Victoria. Lauren had a brain tumor. Jenna said her friends adopted Victoria. But it is really sad about Lauren. So I was just trying to figure out if there were two Jenna's on the forum and I guess there is. Thanks for answering.


Kay - April 16

If you want to talk I would be glad to offer advice. I am giving my baby up [email protected]


um - April 16

hi i was just wondering if u already have a child and everything is fine y do u want to have the second one adopted? im not tryin to be rude x


Amanda - April 16

Hi there. I hopeyou are doing well. Me and my husband have been trying for a year to conceive a child but thus far there has been no luck. I do not ovulate. We are new to this adoption thing and we are a young couple that no adoption agency will look at cause we are not yet 25. Please email me for more information. We both have good jobs and once we do have a child I will be a stay at home mom. we will also let out new child know who his real mom was and how much she loved him my email [email protected]


Amy - April 16

My family is looking for adoption even if it is open adoption. We also believe that adoption agencies just sell babies...they dont truly care about the me at [email protected]


Cheryl - April 16

I agree amy adoption agencies sell babies. The babies and the birthmoms are just a # to them.


Jen - April 16

I live in New Jersey and really want to adopt again!!! We are looking for an open adoption...sending pictures and phone calls. We have a 3 year old and really want another baby. Please email me and I will tell you more about our family and pictures. I am 33 and my husband is 34. We went though an agency the first time and we probably will again next year, unless we find someone like you first. My email is [email protected]


Jen - April 16

Hi Jenna, me again. If you want to go through an agency..we went with spence chapin in NJ/NY the first time and they are great to bithparents. They are well known and have a good rep....anyway good luck and email me, I am wondering where in NJ you are from...again my [email protected]



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