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Lunar - April 18

I had s_x for the first time on the 12th and we had used a condom to prevent pregnancy. However before that my boyfriend and I had been making love in really skimpy clothes and I was wondering if there was a chance he might have prec_med on my underwear and that got me pregnant? In the morning I checked my underwear and they were wet, which I thought was from my own arousal but if it wasn't just mine is there a chance I'm pregnant? My last period was on march the 13th and my menstruation cycles are usually 28-30 days. My period is overdue by about a week. Lately I've been doing lots of excercise, which I've been told might slow down or stop your period but I just want to be safe. If there is a possibility I'm pregnant should I tell my boyfriend? And I want to tell my mother but my family is a really christian household and I don't know if that's a good idea.... Help, I'm freaking out and I don't know what I should do.


Grandpa Viv - April 18

Heavy training could stop you from menstruating, as could the emotional upheaval of first intercourse. Your first intercourse was right around when you were expecting your period, so you could not have got pregnant from that. Ovulation is usually 14 days earlier, and the egg is only good for a day. It's not considered possible for sperm to make their way through layers of clothing, but is it possible that in the heat of the moment there was no clothing between the two of you? If one of those sessions was around March 27th, then you should be asking yourself if you have any early pregnancy signs to report - tired, lotion discharge, more peeing, etc. etc. You are old enough to go buy yourself a home pregnancy test and run it using first morning pee. I wouldn't bother the bf and certainly not your mom until you get a positive test. GL!



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