Pregnant Again Advice Please

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Need Advise - September 13

Im 17 and 6 weeks pregnant with my second child. I just found oout a week ago. My daughter is a little bit over one ... and i dont know what to do , wether to keep the baby or not . I dont feel right about abortion so this is making it hard. Im really scared. I dont know what is best. My boyfriend and me are still together and have our own place and are planning on getting a house next summer. He is graduated , but im not yet . He has a great job, so were not worried about money. He thinks were not ready .. and would rather wait to have the baby another time. I dont feel the same , i dont want to have a abortion. Will i go crazy with another baby? will it be tooo hard? anybody else have 2 babies at my age or are pregnant with there second? No affense but no 12,13,14,15 year olds advise!! thxs


jill - September 13

well i just had my third baby and just turned 19, it hard, i gave my first baby ur for adoption, (she has a great home and its open) my second one is 11 months and this third is just one week today. i love my kids, im still with the dad of my last too, but i wish i would have waited to have my last, i want to go to collage, and get a good job, i cant because day care and babysitters cost way to much, sure he has a great job, but with two kids its twice more. it can be done but very hard, if u think about adoption, please please keep it open, thats the best thing that i could have done. good luck and keep and open mind.


Angelina - September 13

Im 17 and im 33 weeks pregnant with my second child. My first is 18 months and even know its a hand full im going to keep my next child also. Its going to be hard im sure but i got this far with my toddler so why give up now.Hope you decide to keep it but if you choose adoption then keep it open. That way you will never have to worry about your child not knowing who you are or what she looks like or how she is.


????? - September 13

have you thought about adoption???


Need Advise - September 13

No adoption is out of the question , i wouldnt be able to cope with that knowing that i COULD provide a home for this baby .. it is just am i willing enough to have a lot more work and stress



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