Pregnant Amp Happy About It

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ANON - February 19

you must think i am bizarre, but i planned pregnany. i am 15 years old, i'll be 16 before the baby is born. i became really broody for a child after i miscarried at 9 weeks after a freak accident gettin pregnant. Ever since i really wanted a child and so found a sperm donor. I work part time and earn £200 a month. I'm really happy about this. I am due 21st September. My parents do not know yet though.


re: pg n happy about it - February 19

u have issues


tiffani - February 19

I guess it' s good that you're happy, but aren'tyou a bit scared to raise a baby on such little money? I know in American dollars, 200 euros is only about $300.00, falls way short of the actual cost of the baby. I feel for your parents who are now going to be forced to help support this child. Maybe you should have consulted them first. Just a thought.


Just a Comment - February 19

Thank goodness you live over in Europe and will not be living off my tax dollars. Do you think your parents are ready to finance another child and are you really going to have time to work, go the school and raise a child? Or did you fail to think of the horrible life you will be giving this child?


Just A Comment - February 19

Teen Support Forum. BYE.


tiffani - February 19

It is pounds not euros, and £200 is just over $400


Hello - February 19

Good Luck Girl, I don't agree with your decision I reckon had you got more support after your miscarriage you may not have taken this route, however now that you have the best of luck.


Just a Comment - February 19

i work for home so there


FYI - February 19

There are 2 people using Just A comment. I am the First and I have a real 9-5 job. And furthermore what does that have to do with paying for some girl who got pregnant at15 and is going toplace a finalcial burden on the community. and if you have all that money why don't you donateit all the the poor pregnant teens that think with their legs open and live like a pauper.


taxes taxes taxes taxes - February 23

I'm sick of people comming on here and complaining about teens causing money to come out of their paychecks for welfare. I hate to bust your bubble but the welfare and medicad that comes out of your checks well 60% percent go to disabled and the elderly ( Insurance handbook for the medical office Marylin T Fordney pg582) I became I teen mother when I was 16 and have heard this complaint since then, I am now in my last year of college getting my BS in medical office bussiness administration and just wanted to share this information that was in my textbook.If you have a problem with how much comes out of your taxes I'm sorry, however don't put the blame on teen mothers.



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