Pregnant And Alone

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Cherrie - February 7

I just found out i was pregnant with my boyfriend who lives in chichago and i live in dad knows and is trying to force me to get an abortion..he's black mailing me and wont leave me alone unless i get one..i dont know how to tell him without him getting mad and abusive about it.. i cant run away cuz i have no were to go, and i have no way to contact my other family members because my dad wont let me... please give me some advice on what to do... i dont want to kill my baby..but with my dad hiding food from me and shutting me out..i dont know what to do!


xoxticiaxox - February 7

This is a tough one hunny, I feel sorry for you, but if I were you I would go to the authorities, and tell them! How old are you? He cant keep food from you! And he cant force you to do something you are against! Can you not go to your boyfriends?


Grandpa Viv - February 7

Birthright and similar churchy organizations may help you until the baby is delivered, but you are likely to be on your own after that. Would your dad go along with the adoption option? Good luck!


lovestruckjsw - February 8

how old are you? I am sorry this is happening to you. Do you want to keep your baby or would you want to give it up for adoption? There are places you can go.... find a womens shelter or even just find a church and talk to the priest or minister there. They will not just throw you out to the wolves. They will direct you to someone or an agency that can help you. Also try to get on federal help such as WIC. Good luck and let us know what happens. There are options.... dont give up hope.


lunamoo - February 8

Your dad "is hiding food from you."...."no contact with any of your family". Your dad has you in a lock down...? Oh boy, is this another fake...? Sorry to even speculate but this just sounds a bit over the top AGAIN...


Cherrie - February 8

Another fake?! im simply asking for help where my dad isnt... I cant go to my boyfriends house he dosnet live in the same state... i dont live next to any churches....atleast i dont think so.. Im 16...Im not sure if i want to keep the baby but i know as hell i dont want to kill it..i just have no way to get away from my dad....we had this big agument about it last night...and im not sure if this is true but he told me that because he's my father he has all rights to tell me to get an abortion and i have to do it...he said since im his kid, he has parental rights over my this true??


xoxticiaxox - February 8

Wow I really hope not for your sake! He sounds like a really big A**H***! In Canada, the only way your baby can be taken from you, is if your parents call Childrens Aid Society! They dont have the right! It may be totally different there!


xoxticiaxox - February 8

P.S.! Does your boyfriend know whats going on? And so what if hes in another state...he got you obviously you have some access to him! You have access to the internet, look things up, and find some resourses! If you really want out, you will stop making excuses, and FIND something! Good luck hun and I dont mean to sounds harsh...but I see it as if you really wanted out, you would FIND a church or FIND a womans shelter! If you want, let me know where you are, and I will look some things up for you in your area!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 8

Stuff like this happens all the time and as sad as it is to hear lunamoo trying to speculate, the least we can do is try and help you in your situation instead of turning you away. This baby is your responsibility and if you want this child he has to learn that this is what you want. Have you talked with your boyfriend about this pregnancy. He may live in another state but have you actually confronted him about it. And there is many places that will help you, such as a womens safe house to get away from your father. And excuses now aren't going to help you out of this...but this is when people now would second think your story, you asked what to do, we tell you so now you need to act on it and find something.


PromiseJubilee - February 8

Cherrie, where in Cali do you live? I live in Merced. We have this thing called the Alpha Pregnancy Help Center, and they will totally get you OUT of your dad's house, minor or not, and put you in a good healthy home. My grandmother takes in pregnant girls all the time. In fact, if you are near me, IIII would help you. My email is promie at gmail dot com, email me and maybe I can get you some help.


babii_boo91 - February 8

Id say go to a pay phone and call other family members or even the police it is YOUR RIGHT to keep your child... Soemthing needs to be done and you need to act responsible


Noodle - February 8

honestly what i would do is call some kind of child protection line. It would be abuse for him to force you to have n abortion and starving you and shutting you out is cla__sed as neglect. i know hes your dad but your obviously concerned about him abusing you let alone forcing you to have an abortion. child protection will help you. just go to a phone box or run away to a local hospital. they will help you in the ER. They will take your word on child abuse, they HAVE to and no one can force you to have an abortion. dont listen to lunamoo because she obviously doesnt know what having a hard time is about. this is more common then she thinks. but seriously go to your ER they HAVE TO help you even if you dont have insurance they have to put you into protection.


Jessika2007 - February 8

I'm from canada and yes the only way he would be able to do anything then the childrens aid sociaty, But I have my own opinions of childrens aid sociaty, there not all for the kids either I'm sorry I have no respect for them I was in cas all my life on and off and they mentally, emotionally, and phsically abused me so they are not all they are made to be and they are baby nappers thats just my I don't know what to say sweetie


Cherrie - February 9

i live in palmdale Cali... Yes my boyfriend knows about me being prego but my dad is doing a very nice job in intercepting messages or calls from him...i do talk to him on myspace and he's fully awar whats going on. with going to an ER, how exsactilly will things happen..becuase im a minor im afriad if i go to someone for help, my dad will send the cops after me and said i ran away....who will the cops listen to??! me or my dad...i have looked up alot of places for help and researched alot of things so determained to not let my dad win.


xoxticiaxox - February 9

Im aware that your bf lives in another state, but can you not move in with him? He is partly to blame!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 9

Try and get one last talk in with your father...let him know how you feel, if you can record the conversation. Sometimes thats the only way you can get the police to listen to you...if you can't do that then at least attempt to get across to your dad.


juliana - February 9

No your dad cant make you do any thing , no one can i think you should call the police and tell them that he is keeping food from you because thats a type of abuse!!! does your boyfriend know you are pregnant?



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