Pregnant And Alone

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juliana - February 9

No your dad cant make you do any thing , no one can i think you should call the police and tell them that he is keeping food from you because thats a type of abuse!!! does your boyfriend know you are pregnant?


juliana - February 9

but you can say that he wont let you eat because he wants to kill the baby, girl you cant be afraid because that wont get you anywhere, dont you have a friend who can help you? someone you trust like a teacher or something? to help you contact your family?


juliana - February 9

i agree with nerdy_girl..... let me know what happens


Grandpa Viv - February 9

The Women's Clinic 2270 E Palmdale Blvd, Unit K Palmdale, CA 93550 Phone: 661.947.0400


ChattyKathy - February 9

Go to the ER, tell them what is happening to you. They can call a social worker or people from family services to help you. They will not let your father take you back home if you tell them abuse is going on there, so don't be afraid. Just go. Right now. The social worker will help you find a shelter to stay in, make sure you have proper care and meals to eat. They will help you to the best of their ability and they WONT return you to the custody of your father. Like I said, go RIGHT now.


AyameLovesXion - February 9

What chatty kathy said, do it. Or go to the womans clinic like grandpa viv told you about.


Cherrie - February 9

: ) thanks 4 that address and not sure the next time i repost but i will try to keep u all posted. <3 Cherrie


blackberri - February 9

the funny thing is i live in palmdale california have u heard of av pregnancy council, go to the av hospital i think its on J well my email is prncssgoaliedd at aim dot com what school do u go 2 i go to paraclete ill try to help u out if i can u can email me if u wanna talk


Cherrie - February 12

i go to pheteknight high school


blackberri - February 13

my really good friend emani goes there did u kno Xochi she was one of my friends....what grade r u in and did u get help!


thekissoff - February 15

My mom is sort-of like this.. She is still pressuring me to get a abortion. but she's not that extremely. Just leave your father. Walk 2 a friends house tell their parents and they will contact who they need 2


myiysis - February 16

do you go to school...


TucsonHelpful - February 16

You should follow the advice of a lot of these women. I work with children who have been removed from their parents and Child Protective Services should consider your situation to merit getting you out of the house immediately. Your father would then have to go through dependency-like proceedings in order to try and get you back into his home, which takes a lot of time and is under court supervision. What you are talking about is VERY SERIOUS and your father does NOT have any rights to your baby. Sometimes CPS will designate a guardian for the child of a teenager (usually a parent or family member) but that is only in situations where the baby is at risk. Here, your father is putting you at risk, and you really need to get help. I would suggest you call CPS yourself or call the police department and speak to someone in the non-emergency department to get phone numbers for like agencies that can help. If you do not want to take this route, then you NEED to go to your school counselor and talk to him or her. Most teachers and counselors are mandatory reporters of abuse and neglect, and if you tell them your situation, they will have to report it. That can give you a few days to get your stuff together and maybe make some arrangments (with friends?) so that if you do decide to leave, you are prepared. I really feel for your situation but believe that if you do not want to get rid of your baby, you need to do this. Please get some help ASAP. If you need me to round up numers for you, I can. Also, make sure to at least call the other numbers people have posted. Good Fortune to you...



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