Pregnant And Clueless

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padora - November 10

i am really glad i found this site. i am 17 and just found out i am pregnant. my last period was Sep 29th and i took a preg test and it said positive. when am i supposed to go to the doctors now and should i take vitamins or something?


ADULT - November 10

Padora, For your sake and your child's find someone to support you. Non judgemental and non biased. A friend wiser and perhaps older. ADULT


padora - November 10

i am scared to tell my mom and i am close with my aunt but i know she will go right to my mom if i tell her. i want to prove that i can do this before i tell anyone becuase i do not want to be critisized or persuaded to do something i dont want to. i want my baby. if i call my gyno will they tell my mom?


Brittany - November 10

no they will not tell your mom!i went to the doctor RIGHT when i found out (i was one month) and my mom didnt find out until i was three months!but yes you need to go to the doctor ASAP and get some prenatal vitamins!but if you dont have the money i guess you could wait until you go to the doctor and they should give you some!good luck


Jbear - November 10

You are probably due July 6, 2006 and right now you are 6 weeks pregnant. A lot of doctors won't even see you that early, call your doctor to see when they want to start seeing you. For now, take prenatal vitamins, don't smoke or drink, and make sure you drink plenty of water. You're going to have to tell your mom eventually. No one can make you do anything you don't want to, it is your body and your baby.


mm - November 10

hi padora, same here. i am pregnant and cant tell my mom. i went to planned parenthood and they have been really nice in helping me. they did an exam and i got to see my baby and they gave me vitamins to take. they sent me to a counselor and she knows that i havnt told my mom and they wont tell her either but they are helping me figure out a way that i can. its been hard because i am really really sick so i think my mom knows something is up.


ADULT - November 10

Padora, If you live in the States than PP is an option. I would perhaps go to yuor aunt and ask for her support when you both go to yuor Mom. Is there a bf for any support/help? He is now a part of your plans if he does want anything further to do with you. Adult


angel - November 10

hi go see ur dr asap they will make sure u and baby are ok and they give u prenatal vitamins and advice


padora - November 10

my bf is in iraq. he is gone for at least 8 months. i am not sure how to handle that yet. thanks though i am going to look into planned paretnhood. i am not going to hide this forever i just want to deal with it myself first then maturley and responsibly go to my mother.


T - November 10

You need to go to your doctor now Pandora for confirmation of the pregnancy and ask the doctor for lots of pregnancy leaflets and what you can take. Avoid coffee, smoking, alcohol and medication. If your on medication ask your doctor is it safe to take the medication while your pregnant. If not and you really need the medication, change over to something suitable for pregnancy. From what you've said you want time to prove to your mum that you can be a good mother and everything. How can you do this? I dont think your thinking clearly. You must be about 2 months along at least if not nearly 3 months. When your 4 months you will be showing or only slightly showing. You wont have time to prove this to your mother because you simply havent got enough time sweetheart. The best thing to do is see your doctor and get confirmation and all the leaflets about pregnancy and book up for prenatal care and even see a midwife if you want. This WILL prove to your mum that your being very mature and are considering your babys health. And besides, your mother will probably have lots of tips on pregnancy symptoms and you can have a good chat about things later on. Tell your mum after you've had the pregnancy confirmed. Good luck. :o)



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