Pregnant And I Need To Tell The Daddy

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Lolita - March 11

I just found out from my doctor that I am 3 mnths pregnant. I haven't told my ex yet, b/c he would raise total h__l and say I was just trying to trap him into a relationship with me. I know he needs to know, but I really don't need his drama. I am certain he is the father b/c he is the only guy i've ever had s_x with. We never used protection, b/c i was on the pill, but I sometimes forgot to take them. One of my best guy friends has told me that he would say it was his baby, but i don't want to put that on him. He has had a crush on me since we were little, but i don't feel the same way. I don't know what to do..Please help, I'm 17 and a high school junior.


gabrielle - March 12

hey lolita thats a hard ? The daddy of the baby should know, and the other guy should not take the responsibility of the daddy. He needs his own life..


redeem - March 12

All the same, if he does care for you, don't push him away either. I agree with gabrielle that he shouldn't lie about the baby's daddy, but if he cares about you, you shouldn't push him away just because you're pregnant. If you're still with the daddy and he breaks up with you because of it, at least you'll have someone to turn to for support. I was the support to two girls during their high school pregnancies, and by the end of it all they thanked me for it.


Janine - March 12

Girl, I'm in the EXACT same situation, 3 months, have to tell my ex, 17, high school junior. I know he's going to think that you're trying to trap him, but just tell him that you're only telling him because he has the right to know that a life will be brought into the world and it's his. That's all he needs to know, after that, whatever he decides to do is his deal. And that's sweet that your guy friend wants to take the fall, but just let him know that you don't feel the same way. But with the ex, just let him know you're only telling him cuz he has the right and that he doesn't have to be part of the childs life.



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