Pregnant At 12yr Scared And Alone PLS HELP

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Chloe - March 9

I am 12years old and about 6mths pregnant. I was going to tell my mum but i am to scared! I was going to tell her when i start to get big but i havnt got big at all! i heard that when your young sometimes the tummy muscles are stroger and dont stretch as much! i defenatly am pregnant because i havnt got my period and took a test last night! The farther is my Brother who s_xually abused me for years! I am scared and dont know who to talk to! i ahve told noone and dont know how! please PLEASE help me, im so scared and upset!


katie - March 9

ok so its ur brothers and he s_xually abused u.does he still do it???u really need to tell u mum.and i mean really need to tell her cause ur having a baby in 3mths and she will need to get used to the idea and u really sud tell her about ur brother abusing u


Stacie - March 9

You need to tell you parents, or an adult you trust. What your brother did is a crime and you deserve to be protected. You need to be seeing a doctor who can make sure your baby is ok. please take care of yourself! I'm sure if you have nowhere to turn there are nonprofit organziations, such as planned parenthood (if you are in the u.s.) You did nothing wrong and people will take good care of you.


becca - March 9

XXX yea it does sound a bit funny but you never know she could be for real you need to tell and talk to some one chloe this is alot to handle with a 12


becca - March 9

well no you should give her the benifit of the doubt incase she isnt liein what advise would you give her if she was telling the truth


XXX - March 9

keep it raise it and tell her mom but it is very unlikely this is the truth


LMAO!!! - March 9

This is the biggest bunch of HORSECRAP I've read all day!! Thanks for making me laugh Chloe.


becca - March 9

yea thats what i would say so how far gone are you then XXX im 40 weeks and 4days


XXX - March 9



Emily - March 9

I'm going to a__sume that you're telling the truth & offer my advice to you. You need to tell your parents. Not only do your parents need to know about your pregnancy, but they need to know about the s_xual abuse.


Tabitha aka Tee - March 9

hey grl if you need to tlk my emails [email protected] well good luck.


Mommy2Kylie - March 9

Actually - Just because she says shes not showing doesn't mean shes lying. I could hide it at 7 months soo..


redeem - March 10

I feel an allergic sneeze coming on. An allergy to fish tales.


Natalie - March 18

don't worry i am pregnant and i am 12 years old the father of the baby has s_xually abused me


Julia - March 18

Well first thing you 12 yr old girls need to do is tell someone about the abuse !!! they need to pay for what they have done. CASTRATION comes to mind..........and you really need to get to the doctor ASAP. You can tell your were did not lay down and ask for this......please tell someone SOOOOONNNNN this point it is a matter of life and death. Anything could go wrong. You need to talk to someone TODAY!!!!!!! email [email protected]


Amanda - March 21

chloe please dont be scared if you need anything contact me [email protected] [email protected] or [email protected]


sarah - March 21

hi, I am 13 years old tell, your mum don't worry about what your brother will say.Don't Abort your BABY, It might seem a little wired having your brothers baby but the baby is is your baby too. I am sorry that he s_xually abused does your brother know ? If you tell your mum the abuse will stop. but no matter what DO NOT ABORT YOUR BABY God be with you, I will keep you in my prayers (hi baby your mommy is a wonderful girl. I love you baby :-) )



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