Pregnant At 14

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Hanny - November 4

im 14 and pregnant i also av a m8 14 and pregnant but we dont care wot people say i av made a forum - and i av a webbie but cant remember addy


cutiepie - November 6

YOUR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!


jada - November 6

All these d__n teens on here is crazy. everyone is thinking about what they want. what about what the baby would want? so sad so sad


charley - November 12

hi hanny im 14 and pregnant my baby was due on the 6th of this month but i aint had her yet my b/f has stuck around and cudnt be more helpfull and my family r supporting me keep strong babe be happy ok x ill let ya know when the baby finaly comes


lucy - November 12

im also 14 and my baby is 6 days old now shes beautiful


kayla - November 12

why would u get pregnant now ? u have ur whole life ahead of u !!


savannah - November 12

hey hanny i went to that website and to tell you the truth gurl you and ur man are very stupid for wanna to have a baby(sorry gurls if this is harsh)honestly i think youll say that now but when it comes down to you being in labour and feeling that man you will be crying for your mom and wishing you didnt i am 16 and might be pregnant and i wish i wasnt but gurl its up to you have fun hun.


to kayla - November 12

Kayla not all these things are plained stop telling people that if your not preg go find another forum because this is to help SUPPORT pregnent teens not to be rude


becca - November 28

hello im 15 n im 27 weeks it so wasnt planned but i think i will b able to give the baby wat it needs im excited and nervous but just coz im young does not mean i wont b as gooder mum as older people habe sum respect for us please thanx xx


Hanny - November 28

good luck to u all and thanks for all ur support plz show respect for my m8 due two dayz b4 xmas


k - November 28

good luck to u and ur friend im 27 weeks pregnant 16 yrs old. and we need suport not b___hyness :)


Jess - November 28

hey. For all the people who are rude and saying stuff about teens being pregnant... THIS IS A TEEN PREGNANCY FORUM YOU IDIOTS! GET A MOTHER ******* LIFE! Anyways, hanny, you are very brave and I hope you can do this...


charley - November 28

hi i had my baby on the 16th of this month i had a girl 7lb 10 she is beautiful u all can do it xxxx


Rebbecca - December 2

You all thinks its hard! Im pregnant with quadruplets! And i never even had BF fingered me with sperm on his fingers, i think you all are brave, and im trying so hard to be as courageous as you!


redeem - December 2

and how old are u rebecca? and how come u never posted before anywhere else? like on the Twins and Multiples?


Kris - December 5

hi i'm 14 years old and i'm 5 weeks pregnant. the doctor confirmed it for me and i'm due around August 4. i'll be 15 years old by then. the only thing i'm scared about is telling my parents. i haven't told my parents yet but i have told the father. he's 19 and is being supportive but he's scared. we live in louisiana and he can be charged with rape so we're worried about that because my parents hate him. we broke up 1 week before i found out i was pregnant. i've made some pretty dumb decisions so far in my life. i've been arrested and i go to court on Dec. 10 for that. if anyone has any advice for me post it on here please!


ashley - December 5

im 14 n i think i migh be pergent .i dont kno wat to do all i can do id think about if i am pergent n how will tell ma mom n wat will i do cuz im alonely in the 9th grade in ma eyes is babys havin babys i dont kno wat to do



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