Pregnant At 14

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katie - January 27

HELP ME!!! im 14 and 15 wks pregnant i feel like such a SLUT i dont even remember havin s_x.i dont no wat to do.ok i do i gotta tell my mum and i dnt no bf is bein totally supportive and hes the best like but im really angry wit him.plz tell me wat to do and tell me if there are anymore of u like me hu r teens and pregnant maybe we cud share are stories i dont no but plz responded


katie - January 28

nope havent told my mum yet.i just cnt face addy is [email protected]


chelcy - January 29

i really dont kno wat to do nither cuz i am 14 2 and im pregnant and i have not told my grandma yet i am really scared


leah - January 31

tell ur parents its the best thing to 14 to and hav had my baby to weeks ago.sounds crazy and i no i sound like a s___t but my baby girl rebekah is the most important thing in the world to me


redsnow - January 31

When did we become a nation of imature breeders?


kendra - February 6

hey its okay...there are alot of girls that are 14 or whatever and are having kids your not the only one dont worry i know what your in just e-mail me at [email protected] and i can help you kendra


Britt - February 7

Hey just like you 14 and im pregnant too...not as far along but i am...and i havent told my mom yet and i dont think i will. if i dont run away i think im gonna lose the baby.not abortion but im just gonna run till i lose it...everydays for 3 hours.i know someone that did it and i think imight have to. W/b...we should talk.


kirstie - February 9

im 14 an im a month pregnant part of me wants an other part dont its my ex bfs an he is being supportive jus do wat feels rite ring me 07749622231 lv kiz xxx


cheryl - February 9


jade - March 26

hi if you need some one to talk to my email is [email protected]


Danielle - March 26

hi Katie... im 15 n im pregnant...if u need someone to talk to email me... [email protected]


Jocelyn - March 27

Hi Katie, Don't feel like a s___t, because if u do then i guess every other pregnant person should too. You just decided to do your life out of the usual order of things, like i did. I was 15 when i got pregnant with my first son and had him when i was 16. I always just tell people I did my life a little backwards. I had my babies first, then i did school. I'm 24 right now with an 8 year old, a six year old, and a 4 year old and in my first year of college. Having kids when your young is hard I'll admit but their worth it. You need to tell your parents, i know it seems hard, but things always have a funny way of working themselves out. Because whether you think so right now or not, they need to be prepared for this baby too and know what you plan to do. My parents like any other parents were very angry @ first but they have fallen in love with all my children. They supported me going to school too. I went to night school after my children were born until I graduated from highschool so i could be home with them during the day, and only be away for 3 hours in the evening. Trust me, it may seem like the end of your world right now, but you'll look back at this in 8 years like I did and know that it wasn't. It's just a life lesson, thats all. A lesson you will get to love and see grow up for the rest of your life. Life has not been easy as a young mom, but even if I could go back in time I wouldn't change a thing. There is nothing in the world I love more than my children. Life will go on katie, don't worry!!


Taylor Lane - March 29

katie ur not a s___t These things happen for a reason. you got to tell ur mom just sit her down and said i made a mistake. i've gone through this with my cuzin. if u wanna talk a little more my email is [email protected]


TWIN - March 29

INSTANT MESSAGE ME AT [email protected]


katie - March 30

this is a different katie lol no u really need to tell ur parents im only 14 too and im 30wks gone.i no its hard and u sudnt feel like a s___t.u made a mistake like loads of other girls glad ur bf is bein supposrtive to.quite alot guys (noafence) run for it and want nothin to do wit the baby but u need to get the stress of u luck xxx katie


Jess - March 30

Hi Katie-Please don't feel like a s___t! I am 17 and raising an 8 month old daughter...on my own! I am, having a little boy on June 11th (I should feel like a s___t!) You are very lucky that your boyfirend is supporting you! I didn't tell anyone I was pregnant with Emma until I was almost 7 months!!! It was very hard and I eventually HAD to tell people, because they were asking questions. How is your mom? Are you guys close? My mom and I never had a good relationship and she is no longer involved in my life...=(. Have you thought about adoption. I am looking into placing this baby for adoption. It is the hardest thing I will ever do but I really think it is the right thing. Here is my e-mail [email protected]


katie - March 30

hey this is the other katie again...u really sudnt feel like a s___t either jess.u sud b proud of urself in a way..i mean not havin an abortion and stuff..i mean its not ur fault and im sorry to hear ur mum is no longer in ur life



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