Pregnant At 15 And I Already Hav A Kid

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cathy - January 31

i dont no wat to 13wks pregnant with my secound child.this baby has the same father as the firtst child but im not sure if im ready for another kid.i no i hav to hav it becasue i dont believe in jst a bit confused.plz tell me im not the only one in this situation.plz help me


Mistical - January 31

no, you are not the only one in this situation. But, I have some helpful advice, consider open adoption, and some heavy duty birth control. Please tell me that you are still going to school.....


cathy - January 31

yeah im still goin to skool i hav to get a job to support the kids.but i dont think i cud give up this i dunno if u hav had a baby yet or even wether ur pregnant but its ur baby and its not tht easy


cheryl - February 9

I would love to talk with you. If you need me email me [email protected]


S5 - February 9

cathy..were are your parents? can and will they help, my heart goes out to you please,,, please... stay in school and is there anywhere you can go to school and get other skills like job and get help all in one. I know it is tough and no one expects you to give up your child but do thing long and hard about all your choices and remember that it is up to you and you be proud of what ever decision you make. Please however maybe consider birth control. I know that doesn't help you now but it will in the long run. You didn't say where the dad is in all of this. I hope maybe he and his parents can help you out. I had to think about keeping my child or not and it was a hard decision , and i eventually decided to keep my little one before he was born and I was 20 when i went through this. So being 15 will be even harder trying to raise to little ones. You be strong in your decision and take care and don't let any one push you around and look for places to support you emotionally and work after school to help pay for your babies but don't quit. You will do better later in life if you get your education and just imagine what you could do with that for you and your children. Take care.



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