Pregnant At 19

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Angie - February 27

I'm only 19 years old and I'm pregnant. The father of the baby can be one of 4 guys. No I don't sleep around, which is probably what you are thinking. My Ex-Boyfriend was abusive. At least once a week he would have him and two of his friends force me into s_x. I finally left him, once getting the strength I needed from a dear friend of mine. Now, my boyfriend Landon, whom I've known for 7 years, and I have had s_x. He already has a daughter who I have raised since a week after she was born along with him. He's very supportive and insists that even if this baby isn't his he wants to be it's father. I was wondering if there was any way I could get a paternity test on the baby without having to explain the rape situation. My ex has made it quite clear that if I told anyone, I would not live to see tomorrow. My boyfriend, well fiance want to know how to go about getting a paternity test done and just how long it would take. We are currently in a custody battle over his daughter. The mother popped back up and wants the kid. Please, I would really like your help.


Grandpa Viv - February 27

Angie, that's quite a complicated situation. I'm glad to hear you escaped the abuse. I'm a__suming that the break was clean, so Landon's paternity can be established by the timing of s_x and pregnancy. If one of the other three is the father, the only way to establish which of them is responsible is to get DNA from each of them. You also have to get DNA from the baby, which is cheaper to do after it is born. Your ex can be nailed for terroristic threatening if it can be shown that he is making those comments. The mother of Landon's baby will have to find a real good lawyer if she wants in on a baby she already abandoned. Good luck - you're going to need it!


Angie - February 28

Thank you so much for your advice. Money isn't a problem for me at all, and I'd much rather have the paternity test done before I have the baby. I was just wondering how to go about doing this.



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