Pregnant Being Fully Clothed And Without Penetration

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confused - August 11

my friend and i were making out...he layed on top of me and i put my legs around his stomach. He was aroused and would move up and down so his p__s would "tickle" me. my legs were high enough so when he did move, his p__s mostly went under my butt and touched me there or under my va___a... we were both fully clothed and there was never any wetness on my clothing... can a person be pregnant from that? also am i still a virgin?


Kayleigh - August 11

Your not pregnant unless he came in or around your v____a. And im pretty sure your still a virgin unless you had real s_x with the guy actually going in you. If your still worried take a pregnancy test about4 or 5 days before your next period. Good luck!


Helen - August 11

Can you be pregnant?.......... NO :o) Are you still a virgin?.......... YES :o) It is impossible to get pregnant if you and your friend were fully clothed. Losing your virginity means having a p___s inserted into your v____a.


Shorty - August 11



of course not - August 11

No of course not. Don't even stress. You were clothed and you said it yourself, no wetness. You are fine. Yeah you're still a virgin. I'd keep it that way until you're ready to have a kid. Even with safe s_x, things are possible.


Jeremy - August 11

Kayleigh is wrong about not getting pregnant if a guy comes in or around your v____a... I'm worried about my ex-girlfriend right now, who I had s_x with twice...the first time I used a condom...a month later I went inside her, and pulled out, and stopped. It probly lasted 2-3 seconds, and that is how I think she got pregnant...because she had a period after our first time.


Jeremy - August 11

Reguarding my previous post...I did not come inside her, I just stuck it in and pulled out.


Dawn - August 11

u cant get pregnant unless u were naked, sperm cant go through clothes and u werent penetrated so of course ur not pregnant!!


Dawn - August 11

jeremy i dont think ur girlfriend is pregnant, did u c_m? if u didnt c_m, shes probably not pregnant


Me!! - August 11

Dawn, please do not post when you do not know the facts. It is possible for women to get pregnant if a man pulls out before he c_ms. Pre c_m is unavoidable so there will always be some sperm that escapes into the v____a.



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