Pregnant For My Third Tim A Nd Am Aonly Tewelve

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Hati - January 12

I started my period when I was 8 and a half. I went to this really cool party and this really cute guy asked me if we wanted to hit it off. I am pregnant w/ twins for my third time! I am so stupid. Itook 5 pregnancy tests and they all read yes. I have also been having really bad leg and stomache cramps. I have also had a cuople week long periods. Please HELP! p.s. I am due in about two weeks!


Roxy - January 12

you are so stupid.


redeem - January 12

obviously this is a fake post. it is possible for a girl to get a period at 8, but it is highly, highly improbable that she'd concieve twins 3 times within 4 years and give birth twice. Also due in 2 weeks, then what is the problem you're worried about?


Hati - January 12

I meant that i am pregnant with twins and have hade two other pregnancys with one baby each.


Emmie H. - January 12

Hi Hati... wow im just going to say that i hope everythign works out for you i really do. you might wanna talk to your doctor about them pains... it could be something kinda bad... not to scare you. and to redeem... you can get your period at any age!... hati i hope you all the luck....


Hilary - January 13

HMM a wannabe me with a twist... hunny I was pregnant 3 times by 13 not 12. Never with twins and when you get your period that early they delay it! So where were your other kids haha!


Hilary - January 13

haha you forgot how many kids you had?


beca - January 13

err hillary shut up u have kids well start acting mature u put a bad name on us teenage mums n hati 2 b honest one is a mistake but u shud of at least used protection 2 stop it happenin again i think thats just pure stupidaty the pains are pre-labour pains i would have thaught


Sarah - January 13

Now this I find funny, a fake poster who thinks that being pregnant for the third time, you need advice... like you havent been down that road before??? hmmm, you are obviously a sick person to think up something so lame and disgusting.


roxy - January 13



u r dumb!! - January 14

was ure mum a pregnant teen too? the stats say that pergnant teens are most likely to have pregnant teen parents as well!. oh and you have a 1.5 % chance of going to college!!!!


bec - January 16

it is possible to get a period at 8. my cousin is 7 an is going into early development but the doctors are ganna give her injections that slows down the hormones and delays it.


concerned - January 16

What I can not understand is what is a twelve year old doing having s_x. Aren't you still in grade school


hmmm - January 16

look I know this may be a genuine story, but honestly why at 12 would you be having say that you have been preg 3 times, have you ever considered birth control, what about std's, sweety if this is true, I feel really sad for you, if you are lying, I also feel sorry for you for being such an attention seeker....grow up, and live your life as a child, and leave the baby making to the mature adults!


Hilary - January 16

Actually then CAN delay it. So dont tell me they cant


Ruby - January 17

Even if this is true... What are you actually asking or requiring help for? If this is your 3rd pregnancy and 3rd/4th kid you should be pretty knowledgeable on it all by now, regardless of age. Also, if you are due in 2 wks then where does this come into it?- Quote-"I have also had a cuople week long periods" And who the hell is having s_x with you? If you are 12 now and nearly due, and have had 2 previous pregnancies then you have been having s_x for a rather long time.. so again, who is sleeping with you? especially a couple years ago when you first started having s_x?!


Vena - January 17

To Kay: No I was not trying to be a 'teacher', I was pointing out that the same person has made up a different story on the forum too. Some people are so gullible on this site.



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