Pregnant From Pre Cum

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Worried - September 12

Me and my boyfriend have been having s_x alot lately and the last 2 times, we didn't have a condom.. He didn't come inside of me but he finished off by hand.. After that, he wiped off his p__s and we had unprotected s_x again, but he didn't come inside of me.. It has been 13 or 14 days since the first day of my last period.. I believe I am, or soon will be ovulating.. Is there a high risk of pregnancy??


janice - July 30

honey, any time u have s_x without a condom there is a chance that u are pregnant. It may only be a small chance because of the time you had s_x and the fact that he didnt c_m inside you, but antime a p___s goes near your v____a- you could get pregnant. So, dont stress yourself out sweetie and get yourself a home test just to know for sure okay? good luck honey and next time use a condom!


froogle - August 1

Actually, since she was about to ovulate.. this is her most fertile time. And the second time they had s_x, there still would have been c_m inside his p___s, even if he wiped off the outside! Pregnancy is very likely.


Tonightz - August 1

after my boyfriend ejaculated outside my body, we wana have s_x again so i cleaned his p___s using my mouth so that there wont be any sperm left.. but i'm still worry whether this can get me pregnant ?


lucy - August 1

Yes this pre-c_m can get you pregnant, especially if he had recently ejaculated.


Ajax - August 1

You should get married.


Worried - August 2

why should we get married..


Helen - August 9

1. You had s_x at the most fertile time in your cycle. 2. You did not use a condom. If you are not pregnant you should consider yourself VERY lucky. It was VERY silly to have unprotected s_x after your boyfriend had just "released" himself. And at your most fertile time! You actually have a VERY HIGH chance of being pregnant because of the 2nd time you had s_x (even if he didin't ejaculate inside of you that time either). When a guy "releases", for quite a while afterwards, his p___s will continue dribbling out sperm. Guys often refer to the phrase "an advark with a runny nose". Again, if you're not pregnant, thank your lucky stars and for goodness sake go on the pill and use condoms in the meantime (you can get them free from your doctor).


me - August 11

i agree with Helen. it was foolish of you to think you can beat the odds. if you aren't pregnant, you better go out and get some condoms and birth control if possible. plz keep us posted so we know how it turns out. good luck :)


Worried - August 12

Ok, I am now 2 days late on my period. I think I will buy a home pregnancy test tomorrow if I do not get it. I am so worried. After this, I am going to speak to my mom about birth control, weather I am pregnant or not. Thanks for your help. I will let you know what happens.


SaRaH - August 12

I am sure you would rather tell your mom you need bc rather than you are pregnant!!


Worried - August 12

Yea.. I would! It still hasn't come today.. I really don't want to go buy a pregnancy test by myself but I don't want to tell anyone that I think I'm pregnant.. I'm so scared!


Worried - August 14

Well.. I am 4 days late now. I bought 2 pregnancy tests and I took one first thing this morning and it said that I was not pregnant, but my period still hasn't come! The directions on the box said wait 3 days before testing again so that is what I'll do! :S


Worried - August 16

I am 6 days late now.. I am going to wait atleast one more before I use this last test.. I feel like I am starting to get some symptoms, like frequent urination, very mild cramping, viens more prominent on my b___sts and I am very tired, even after a good night's sleep. I am not sure if I am just making myself think I am pregnant or what. What's going on!?


miss m - August 16

I did the same thing u did except i had s_x about 5 days before my period was supose to come. I am about 3 days late and i dont know how i can get to a store to buy a pregnancy test and i am way to scared to buy one. The closest store to me is a gas station and i was wondering if they might have them there?


Worried - August 16

It's scary to go get one.. but be brave! I would wait a few more days to buy one or test because mine came out negative at 4 days.. and I heard that you might be testing a little too early because the hormone (hCG) that is produced, there may not be enough there to get a positive result. Anyways I still haven't got my period.. 6th day..


Me - August 16

Congratulations, you are definitely prego WORRIED!



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