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penguin - October 16

Alright heres the story, I don't know if im pregnant i'm going to do a test, I'm 13 days late and i'm never that late, I did online ovulation calculators and all that, from those results my guess would be that i am pregnant but i'm not feeling any syptoms really, i felt my period symptoms like a week and a half ago then they went away, so in the case that i am, i've drank alcohol recently, i don't want to bring a baby that will have to fight for its life into the world and struggle with health problems, to me thats worse then an abortion, i've talked to the guy this is happening with and he said he would be there of course to take care of his kid, but i can tell we both don't really want it to happen, we'd both step up of course in the case of keeping it, but to me not keeping it would hurt me so much because my mom was 17 when she had me and i wouldn't have wanted to be aborted or given up for adoption like my brother, it hurts me and i would never want to give my kid that. HELP..what do you think? I know it's kind of pointless to ask because i dont even know if im pregnant but i'd like some advice before i sit down and talk to this guy, cause if i did decide to go with it assuming i am pregnant.. I need advice on what to tell him incase he reacts like he doesn't want it..and in that case..what do i do?


- October 16

drinkin once aint going to hurt the baby, if u do it all day everyday that will. if ur not ready for a baby then put it up, even though, u dont want to do that. u should give that child the best, and if u cant do that, then let someone else


Melissa - October 16

From what you have written it sounds like you want to keep the there is your answer. As far as the "guy" who might not want it......just tell him that you have decided to keep the baby for your own personal reasons. Oh well if he doesnt want the child, because it is out of his hands now..not anything he can do. Just try to give him some time to get used to the idea. This is a big thing for him too. Just follow your heart


penguin - October 17

Thanks Melissa that actually helps a lot, he said he would be there of course to take care of his kid if that was the case. I do want to keep it but at the same time I know me and him are only kids still, i'm 17 and hes 20, we can both be very mature and take on responsibility.. it's just not something we're used to yet even him, we're stuck in the not wanting to grow up stage and thats the only thing that sets it all off, it's not that we wouldnt be able to provide for it, we're just not done being kids yet either. Maybe that needs to change for the both of us, so if it turns out that I am, i've got an idea of where i'm going with this now, thanks so much!


Melissa - October 17

Your welcome....=)


chris - October 17

u should really go 4 a blood test it will tell u 4 sure if ur pregnet oh ok so don't put any stress on ur self because it could also juss be stress and mybe ur not pregnet but here is da question from me if u were do u no who da father is? would u keep da baby? would u put it up 4 adopion? or abortion it



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